Barcelona Walking Tours

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Barcelona is quite a compact city, so most of the many places to visit in Barcelona are concentrated in a relatively small area of the historical center including the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) plus the nearby Eixample with its many Gaudi buildings. This makes Barcelona an ideal city to discover by foot. Indeed, a local centuries-old pastime is to stroll with friends and family through these monumental areas. Come and do what locals do, and join us in our Barcelona walking tours, high quality experiences developed with local architects, experienced guides and historians.

Barcelona walking tours

Join the best walking tours in Barcelona, the ones performed by BarcelonaCityTellers! Why is our tour the best Barcelona walking tour? We choose only the best guides for our best walking tours, that’s because we think that is essential to have the best walking tours, to be performed by locals. That’s because we want to share our view and knowledge of the city with the visitors, and we think that it is only possible if the guide feels at home in Barcelona.

Tours by locals Barcelona

As we wrote previously, we find extremely important for our tours to be developed by locals. A guide by locals gives the city life with his anecdotes, stories and deep knowledge of Barcelona. It’s also important to hire a Barcelona local guide to know which activities are being developed around as for example the local district parties or the city special events such as: Mobile world congress, free entrance day to points of interest or the national typical parties as the September 11th. A Barcelona local guide will also know the good places to eat avoiding the overcrowding of the most common points of interest. We find that a very important aspect of our service because there are many places around the center that, unlike us, don’t care about the quality of the product and we would find it quite sad, if you couldn’t fully enjoy the resources of the city. Barcelona walking tours in English Plan the best Barcelona travel with us, you won’t regret it! Not only the walking tour is going to help you to acquire wide knowledge about our story, but also will it help you to know how to move around Barcelona. It’s indeed so recommended to make a walking tour just at your arrival, you will know the most interesting parts of the town depending on your taste and if you are planning to stay for a long time it’s always important to have a good first impression of the surroundings. As we said we want to offer the best possible service and experience to our customers. That also includes the best local guides with so good English level, that you won’t even be able to say if they are Spanish or English. They will provide you with the best experience, making you feel at home for as long as the guided tour is performed. Join us in our walking guide family and enjoy the story of the city as a local would do, you won’t want to leave!

Barcelona tours by locals

Take the chance to enjoy one of Europe best trips and let us guide you around the town. If you are doing a trip around Europe feel free to ask for the best Europe travel tips, as we are also travelers with experience and will help you gladly to perform the trip as best as possible.

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