5 Churrerías in Barcelona

5 churrerias Barcelona
5 Churrerías in Barcelona
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There is nothing more delicious than enjoying some good churros. And no matter what time of day it is: morning, afternoon, night time or early morning, churros are always a tasty meal. No one really knows why they are so tasty, whether because of its intense sweetness, its spongy mass, its crusty cover, but the truth is that when you eat churros it seems that an explosion of flavors floods your mouth.

In Barcelona City Tellers we are fans of churros and, for that same reason, today we are going to show you the 5 best churrerias of Barcelona that are worth knowing because they boast of being establishments that give a different and surprising touch to their churros. Are you hungry? Well, go directly to a good churrería!

The best churrerías in Barcelona

There are churrerías in Barcelona at night, in the center, in the old town … but which of them to choose? The truth is that, in the city of Barcelona, ​​you will find a great variety of establishments dedicated to churros but, from among all, there are some that stand out because of the quality of their recipes or to the innovation of their meals.

In this post, we will show you those churrerías that you cannot skip if, like us, you are a lover of churros. Attention!

Oriol Balaguer, one of the sweetest churrerías in Barcelona

Oriol Balaguer is known in the world of gastronomy because of his passion for chocolate. That is why in his churrería, you will not only find delicious churros but you can also try a variety of delicious chocolate. Even being able to create your own chocolate tablet with the ingredients of your choice: black or white chocolate, milk, dulce de leche, among others. Attending this Barcelona establishment means going to the chocolate paradise.

What’s its address? Fusina Street, 5 – Born

Comaxurros, a fashion site to eat churros.

If you are looking for a different and innovative option in Barcelona, ​​nothing better than coming to Comaxurros, a new concept of churrería where you can discover new (and surprising) recipes that are far from traditional.

For example, you can try the “churrito bravo”, that is, some churros with brava sauce which is an unconventional presentation of this meal. You can also try salty churros like those mixed with salmorejo, with ham or with honey and cheese, yummy! But in the case that you are more stick to traditional, in this place you will also find the ” conventional ” churro elaborated with ingredients of great quality.

Where is it? Muntaner, 562 – Eixample Izquierdo

The Chocolate Kitchen, natural churros with chocolate

If you like to eat a lot and quality food, you cannot skip one of the best churrerías of Barcelona, located in Raval district. The Chocolate Kitchen is a place where you will find bigger than usual churros and without an excess of cooking oil. In addition, they boast of being one of the few places where they use additives-free products which are a 100% handmade way.
As its name points out, this place stands out for its delicious chocolate, completely natural and perfect to accompany your succulent churros. Awesome!

Where is it? Carrer del Carme, 3 – Raval

Churrería Trébol, Barcelona’s 24-hours churrería

If you want a churrería in Barcelona during night time, nothing better as Churrería Trébol, which is among the preferred ones of night owls in Barcelona. This establishment does not close during weekends so that those who have gone partying or who get up at untimely hours, can indulge themselves in some good churros.
It’s one of the most visited places by the young people of the city aiming to recover energies after having been dancing for hours.

Where is it? Corsica, 349 – Eixample Derecho

La Pallaresa, the Gothic quarter churrería

There are plenty of churrerías in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona but, among them, La Pallaresa stands out because it is one of the oldest in Petritxol street. Specifically, this place has been running since 1947 and since then have been providing delicious churros with chocolate as well as other sweets such as ensaimadas, swiss buns, pastries … In addition, its decoration is really original and will take you to the Barcelona’s 50’s. It’s a must!

Where is it? Petritxol, 11 – Gothic Quarter

Our tips for enjoying the gastronomy of Barcelona

Now you know some of the best churrerías in Barcelona but, as you can imagine, there are plenty more! We have selected the 5 outstanding ones that we think are worth knowing if you love pastries.

But in Barcelona City Tellers we recommend that you visit a particular street. If you are one of those who cannot imagine a great Sunday afternoon than a being in a cafe with a hot chocolate and a delicious pasta, then you cannot skip Petritxol street, in the Gothic Quarter. It is one of the most famous streets in the city for its wide range of cafes and chocolate shops, a magical place where, in addition, most establishments keep their original decoration, so you will seem to travel in time.

Also, if in your visit to Barcelona you want to discover the most authentic gastronomy of the city, nothing better than going and enjoying one of the most typical meals: tapas! We propose you to make a gastronomic tour through the most gourmet Barcelona with our Tapas Tour, a tour guided by one of our expert guides and where you will discover three of the most important tapas establishments of downtown and the old town.

An experience in which you will discover 12 exquisite tapas and 5 drinks that will show you the wide variety of flavors that there are present in our city. All this, from the hand of one of our guides so you can have an enriching experience in every way!

If you are passionate about good food, in Barcelona you will find a city where you can find the best traditional recipes, the most authentic, the sweetest and the most innovative.



5 Churrerías in Barcelona
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