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The Joys of Genuine Local Cuisine

Being from Barcelona we could not forget about food. When we stroll around the city with friends and family, we often end up sampling some tapas and sharing conversation about the day. For that reason, all our tours include some high quality food and beverage element to create authentic, encompassing experiences. For example our Gaudí Tour includes tapas on an elegant terrace facing La Sagrada Familia, and the Walking Tour offers a free cold drink. We also offer a gastronomic experience in the Tapas Tour Barcelona that will take you through 12 tapas in three highly regarded tapas restaurants.

Gastronomy tour

The Mediterranean diet is widely known internationally both for being healthy and for its intense flavors. This makes it practically essential to go on a gastronomic Barcelona tour, ??although it is probably not the most outstanding resource in the city, the food walk tour Barcelona can still be combined with other activities. There are numerous terraces in restaurants overlooking points of interest in the city, which can combine the interest in gastronomy through the best tapas Barcelona and the history of the city in a single route. It is up to us to find a way to do it, for this we are going to give a couple of tips about it. An important advice to enjoy the gourmet food of Barcelona is to make the visit with a native person of the city or, at least, that has lived in it enough to know the idiosyncrasy of the same, as well as the premises that have managed to avoid the decline in quality related to tourism overcrowding. For that reason we strongly recommend hiring an expert guide to obtain information about it.

Gastronomy tourism

Another of the main tips to enjoy a gastronomic Barcelona Tour is to avoid downtown areas like las Ramblas, which certainly offer many attractions to the visitor, but denigrate the local gastronomy and make some can take a negative impression of your visit to the city. So much so, that in some premises of the Ramblas, if a local person addresses one of them, workers warn that the price is expensive and the quality extremely low.

Gastronomy in Barcelona

To enjoy the gastronomy of Barcelona we must first acquire a basic knowledge of Catalan gastronomy. While it is true that tapas are a gastronomic attraction to be taken into account, especially if you are not going to visit other regions of Spain like Andalusia in which they are much more important than in the gastronomy of Barcelona. Below you will find the necessary information regarding Catalan food to enjoy your visit as a gourmet before repeating that it is advisable for new visitors to be accompanied by a guide who knows the city well.

Corporate tours, also focused on gastronomy

Our last service of tours is focused to the corporate tours, that is to the tours for companies, if you are thinking of organizing a tour for your workers, we at Citytellers offer this type of tours, from standard tours to the most personalized ones, Your choice, that is why if you are thinking of doing a corporate tour for your company, we offer you the best service!

Gastronomy tourism in Barcelona

Essential: Pa amb tomàquet: It is a typical dish that can’t be overlooked for any visitor who wants to taste the local gastronomy without falling into typical topics such as paella and similar. It is composed of: bread, tomato, garlic, olive oil and accompaniment that can vary between sausages, cheese ... It’s a simple meal, coming from postwar Spanish that is worth trying. Esqueixada: This is a cold salad whose main ingredients are: cod, onion, tomato and olives, all seasoned with olive oil and vinegar. You can’t miss on your visit to this land. Escalivada: This name comes from the verb escalivar, that in Catalan means to roast to the embers". It consists of vegetables scrambled as its name suggests and usually includes: aubergine, onion, peppers or tomato. It is usually accompanied by toast and anchovies. Enjoy your food walking tour Barcelona and good appetite to all the gourmet who have enjoyed this information. And remember! If you want to fully enjoy your food experiences Barcelona relay on us. We are your ciytellers Barcelona, we are BarcelonaCityTellers.

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