Barcelona Most Popular Traditions

Barcelona is an historical city. For this reason, the traditions has become progressively more populars and passed from generation to generation. We’ll show you some of the most important traditions from Barcelona and Catalonia.

Barcelona Traditions sardanes
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Barcelona is a great modern and cosmopolitan city but its population doesn’t want to lose their local traditions. That’s why they still hold some events, festivities and folkloric exhibitions on a regular basis. In this article we show you some of the most popular Barcelona traditions, and one of them can be enjoyed thanks to CityTellers. Can you guess which one it is?

Las Sardanas: The most traditional dance in Barcelona

All the regions and cities have at least one traditional dance. In the case of Barcelona and Catalonia, the most popular dance is the sardana. Barcelonans love this  dance style and many children are taught la sardana in dance classes  or by their families. When a local festivity is held, a sardana exhibition can’t be missing from the official program.

Castells: The amazing human towers

Another folkloric tradition which is also common to the rest of Catalonia is the castells. These are really fun human towers formed by castellers or people of all ages. The structure and height of these castells depends on the group of castellers, but it is always formed by a pinya or base (including the strongest persons of the group) and the upper levels (the lighter members of the group). It’s an incredible display of strength, balance and courage. Castellers also wear traditional attire. Because of the castells’ originality and popularity, the tradition was named an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco.

barcelona traditions castellers

Tapas: Among the most loved Barcelona traditions

Yes, this is the Barcelona tradition that you can enjoy with us! In our tapas tour you will experience tapas like a local citizen, going to the bars visited by Barcelonan inhabitants and eating meals that they love. Forget about the overly commercial paellas found in Las Ramblas! During CityTellers’ tapas tour you will try things like pantumaca (Pa amb tomàquet: toasted bread with tomato salse and olive oil), delicious crema catalana, cava and local wines, tasty Iberian ham and other delicacies.

barcelona traditions tapas

Sant Jordi: Roses, books and lovers on April 23th

The traditional celebration of Sant Jordi is only held on April 23th and it is highly anticipated by Barcelonans! That day is also World Book Day which is celebrated in Spain along with Sant Jordi’s Day. According to tradition, women give a book away to a man and men offer a rose to a woman as romantic gestures. It’s a book festival and a cultural and romantic tradition which you can enjoy at Las Ramblas.

Caganers: Original and traditional ceramic statuettes

Of course, at Christmas time the city looks especially beautiful as Barcelonans place decorations, Santa Claus figures, colourful lights, Christmas trees and so forth around the city… People also enjoy other  traditions around this time, like Three Kings Day on January 6th. But there are other unique local traditions that the inhabitants of Barcelona celebrate. For example, caganers are small ceramic statuettes of people depicted while doing their “business” which are added to a nativity scene and can be bought in shops. They are also made in mockery of current celebrities such as Lionel Messi, Barack Obama or Pope Francisco which were some of the most famous caganers in the recent years!

Barcelona Most Popular Traditions
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