Barcelona weather: tips for visiting and enjoying the city to its fullest

Barcelona weather tips
Barcelona weather: tips for visiting and enjoying the city to its fullest
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Are you thinking of visiting Barcelona? Then it is important to take into account the weather in the city during the different seasons of the year so that you can be prepared with the right clothes and equipment.

Although we are in a Mediterranean climate, the truth is that there are some times during the year in Barcelona where there is a lot of rain and it can get cold or even stormy.

In Barcelona CityTellers we will talk about the weather in Barcelona so you know what to expect throughout the year and will be able to best prepare for your trip.

The weather in Barcelona throughout the year

As we have already indicated, Barcelona’s climate is characterised by being Mediterranean, that is to say it has relatively mild temperatures throughout the year, although there can be plenty of humidity. Therefore, in Barcelona, we have winters where the temperature doesn’t fall too much (except for occasional cold fronts passing through) and the same happens in the summer where the thermometers don’t rise to extremes.

Although it is predominately mild throughout all seasons, there is the slight peculiarity of high humidity. This means, although it doesn’t get too cold, you can feel a strain in your bones and it may seem that temperatures are lower than you can see on thermometers. This is also why it is important to travel with good footwear and waterproof jackets which protect you form rain, especially in winter where there is a high risk of catching colds.

To give you some more specific information, Barcelona CityTellers are going to analyse the weather in Barcelona according to the time of year so you can best plan your visit to the city and choose appropriate clothes for the season.

Barcelona weather in winter

The winter months start at the end of December and finish at the end of March and they are indeed the coldest months of the year. Temperatures usually move between 6 or 7 degrees minimum and 13 or 15 degrees maximum. This does at first seem quite pleasant, but we must also add that there can be a lot of moisture. This means the winter weather in Barcelona is cold and can be rainy, so you should bring a coat, scarf and warm clothes to stop from getting wet and having the cold penetrate your skin.

However, when it is sunny during the day it can be quite pleasant and it is common from noon to 4 pm to see people out on the street in sunglasses, not wearing scarves or even sitting on terraces without a coat. It is the Mediterranean sun which, when shining in the sky, allows us to enjoy these nice temperatures even in winter.

Barcelona weather in spring

Spring in Barcelona begins at the end of March and lasts until the end of June. This is the time of year when the weather really starts to improve and the temperatures rise progressively. Remember, it is one of the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate that temperature changes are not very abrupt, so you should always see an increase or decrease which is gradual.

Barcelona in the spring usually offers temperatures which vary between a minimum of 10 to 13 degrees and 20 to 25 degrees maximum. You should see that in March it is still quite cold, but, in contrast, by May people can go outside without a coat or scarves. Temperatures rise throughout the season and you can begin to change your wardrobe: we can start wearing dress with jackets instead of coats, shoes instead of boots and bandanas instead of scarves.

However, it does still rain in spring in Barcelona. It is actually the rainy season with the most concentrated rain in the months of March and April, becoming even more so in the latter. This is the general rainy season throughout Spain which has earned it the common Spanish phrase: “In April, it rains”. So, if you are thinking of visiting Barcelona in the spring, you can do it with lighter clothes, just don’t forget your umbrella.

Barcelona weather in summer

Summer is when the hot season really begins in Barcelona and, with it, the vacation season for people who live in the city. The summer months run from the end of June to the beginning of September. The months of July and August are when it gets hottest in the city and people flock to the beaches.

Temperatures in summer usually move between a minimum of 18 or 20 degrees and a maximum of 26 or 29 degrees, especially in the hottest months of the year. In addition, given to the humid feeling of Barcelona in summer, temperatures can seem even higher. Therefore, if you are going to visit Barcelona in the summer, remember to pack light clothes which will keep you fresh and comfortable in the heat as you move through the city. And don’t forget to wear your swimsuit!

Barcelona weather in autumn

The weather in autumn in Barcelona changes progressively, so you will still have a pleasant temperature in September. As the months pass by, the temperatures will go down until you have to get your coat back out of the closet. Therefore, if you travel in September/October, you can go out with short sleeves and shoes, but you’ll need a jacket at night. On the other hand, if you are coming in November/December, we recommend you take warmer clothes as temperatures drop considerably.

In fact, the average temperature in autumn ranges from 10 to 12 degrees minimum to 15 or 18 degrees maximum, so you can wear something which is comfortable, but will still provides protection when you need it.

In addition, it can rain a lot during this time, especially in October, which is also the time when mushrooms start to bloom in the Catalan forests. Therefore, don’t forget to pack an umbrella in your suitcase.

Our tips for visiting Barcelona and enjoying the weather

Now that you now what to expect from Barcelona’s weather throughout the year, at Barcelona CityTellers we will give you some practical tips so that you can visit the city and enjoy it to the maximum regardless of the season.

If you come in autumn/winter

Temperatures are low and you should wear warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold. But it is also the time of year when the city is beautifully lit up for Christmas, so we recommend you take a walk through the old town of the city and discover all the wonders within: its streets, shops, history, etc.

It’s also a great time to discover the restaurants the city has to offer along with the museums, theatres, shopping centres and more. We suggest, to get to know the city better, take one of our tours in Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia Tour or the Gaudí Tour, two routes designed to discover the legacy of Gaudí in the city of Barcelona.

If you come in spring/summer

This is the hottest time of the year in Barcelona, so you’ll have to fill your suitcase with light clothes and, if you want to go to the beach, with swimsuits or bikinis. It is also the time when the city streets begin to swell with life and it is the perfect moment to discover the coastal neighbourhoods of Barcelona like Barceloneta, the Olympic Village or even the beaches further down the coast. It’s also a great time to enjoy the parks and green spaces of the city, particularly the Ciutadella park located in the heart of the city.

Summer is also the perfect time to enjoy good weather on the terraces, so we recommend you do our culinary Tapas Tour where we will accompany you to specialised tapas establishments which have a rich history and great personality. You can choose to create your own private tour where you can discover whichever wonders of Barcelona you wish to visit while being accompanied by an expert guide.

From the moment you arrive in Barcelona you can enjoy an enriching cultural, historical and culinary experience.


Barcelona weather: tips for visiting and enjoying the city to its fullest
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Barcelona weather: tips for visiting and enjoying the city to its fullest
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