Best Malls in Barcelona

the best malls of Barcelona
Best Malls in Barcelona
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Top 9 Most Incredible Malls in Barcelona

In case you’re looking for the best malls in Barcelona, you must know there are many different types. However, if you like shopping world, nine is the number of hotel that is worth mentioning.

During a walk all around the Catalonian capital, it is possible to meet the most fashion and expensive side of the city on its malls. These places offer a wide range of services, stores and restaurants perfect to take a break after shopping activities.

Bulevard Rosa

This mall is located in the crowded Paseo de Gracia, a small mall organized by different galleries and with all kind of stores. Location allows visitors to go for a colorful walk around the downtown, and here are some of the most important buildings in Barcelona.

Therefore after a recognition morning, nothing could be better than recovering strengths while taking a walk through the mall. Also, it is possible to find out fashion stores, jewelries, home stores and other amazing spots.

Arenas Barcelona Mall

This Barcelona mall is located at the emblematic bullring Toros las Arenas. It was recently renewed to offer a leisure space, shopping and gastronomy in a fairly popular neighborhood as Sants. In front of the bullring, there is Las Arenas.

Also, at the top of the building in the fifth floor there is a cultural space, a perfect place for rock music lovers who want to enjoy an unforgettable and unique experience.

Diagonal Mar

Another popular and recently-opened mall in Barcelona is Diagonal Mar. It is located next to the Forum, a zone built for culture Forum developing, and now home of fairs, concerts and every kind of events. Alongside, we can found this mall in the same diagonal Av that has a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and spaces for spend leisure time.

In this mall, you can find Stores such as FNAC, Primark, Zara, Bershka or H&M. However, it offers an outdoor space with different restaurants, ranges from fast food to higher level places for a business meeting while eating.

Gran Vía 2 Mall

This Barcelona mall opened at 2002, and in fact it is located at the Catalonian capital southern point besides Hospitalet de Llobregat, the next city. This place is next to la Fira de Barcelona de la Gran Via and also Hospitalet Ikea. Also, you can easily get there by car (30 min from Plaza España) or public transport such as subway or bus.

El gran Via has three floors intended for commerce and restoration, as well as leisure because there is a movie theatre with 15 latest technology cinemas. There is possible to fin more than 150 stores of clothing, costume jewelry, shoes, home and others, without including 20 restaurants offered in one of the largest malls in Barcelona.

L’Illa Diagonal

It is unforgivable to skip L’Illa Diagonal, one of the city classic icons. It is located in Les Corts the city highest point, and it is a cutting edge building with all kind of stores inside there. Here you can the Decahtlon, a space oriented for sports and outdoor activities. As well as many commercial establishments such as: Primark, el Zara, FNAC, etcetera.

La Maquinista

Since 2000 there is a huge mall in the Barcelona north, in fact the biggest in Catalonia. We are talking about La Maquinista, a wide outdoor area located in San Andreu district, very close to Nudo de la Triniat, therefore easy to get there by car.

The mal has a wide number of commercial establishments and businesses to have fun a leisure time. Over 30,000 square meters intended for a nice walking through these corridors.

El Corte Inglés

More than a simple mall, El Corte Inglés is a group network of department stores distributed all over the city and In Plaza Cataluña or Diagonal Av. We can find it. This is the widest department stores in Spain and has presence in almost each important country cities.

This is a big mal with different floors (Approximately 10) dedicated to purchase every kind of article: perfumery, handbag shop, all genders/ages fashion, latest-technology, toys, home, and etcetera.

El Triangle

Located in the Neuralgic Barcelona downtown, next to the Plaza Cataluña itself, El Triangle is one of the most well-known malls in Catalonian city. It is a small building with just 15 stores but large area, such as FNAC, or cosmetic and perfumery store Sephora.

Pedralbes Centre

Pedrablbes Centre is one of the most fancy and expensive malls in Catalonian city. Located close to L´Illa, in Diagonal Av nex to the María Cristina´s Corte Inglés. This place goes beyond traditional malls concept, because – beside comercial establishments – you will find art exhibits, ice skating-rink, and more.

Tips to enjoy the best Catalonian malls

As you can see, there are plenty options malls to visit, thus, here we will give you certain tips to support on choosing according to your personal preferences the most suitable.

If you want to go to a relaxed place in Barcelona

You can visit L´Illa Diagonal. Although, it is one of the oldest, there are not too many people. The same happens with the El Corte Inglés Diagonal, besides its location, it is not a busy place such as Plaza Cataluña. Another choice, it going to Pedralbes Centre another concept on malls as we said – in addition to shopping options – you will find leisure activities and culture perfect to spend the afternoon.

If you are looking a mall in Barcelona downtown

In the city downtown you will find plenty places for shopping, such as: El Triangle, that is rigth to the Plaza Cataluña subway exit and Ferrocarriles Catalanes (FGC). Also, you ca go to EL Corte Inglés in Plaza Cataluña, in whose rooftop you will find a cafeteria perfect to take a snack. Finally, if you walk a little around Paseo de Gracia you can get to el Bulevar Rosa, a place with own personality y perfect for shopping. We hope you fully enjoy the Catalonian city, a tourism paradise all over the old continent.

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