Best parks in Barcelona

There is plenty of things you can do in Barcelona. But one of the best things to do during your stay in the city is to visit the best parks. We’ll show you now the best parks to visit in Barcelona.

best parks in barcelona
Best parks in Barcelona
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Barcelona is a city full of beaches, museums, monuments… and green areas too. They are perfect places to relax at after a walking tour and all of them are well connected by subway or bus. In this post we mention the best parks in Barcelona so that you can add a nice break to your intense touristic program.

Park Güell: A colourful and magic green area

Park Güell is much more than a green area. It is a magnificent park designed by Antoni Gaudi in the early 20th century, so it is visited by tourists as a monument itself. Located in a high borough, from this park you will discover some of the best panoramic views over the city. Besides this, the decoration of the benches and the structures is so original that you will feel that you’re in a fairy tale.

Parc Ciutadella: The main park in Barcelona centre

Parc Ciutadella is another interesting park in Barcelona. In fact, it is the biggest park in downtown Barcelona and is visited by many people everyday including tourists before or after a tapas tour or a cultural itinerary through the historic streets of the city centre. It is a relaxing place, but it hosts some of the attractions of the city too including the Zoo of Barcelona so those who travel with kids can spend a half or a whole day meeting all kind of animals. Some of the buildings of Parc Ciutadella are really unique as well like the Castle of the Three Dragons designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.

Parks in Barcelona

Cervantes Park: One of the most romantic places in Barcelona

We have already talked about this green area in our post about the most romantic places in Barcelona. Cervantes park, located close to the luxury Pedralbes Borough, is filled with natural jewels in spring including a rose garden where the inhabitants of Barcelona plant and take care of all kind of roses. One of them, planted by the Mayor of the city, is a Japanese rose in honour of the victims of the tsunami in 2011.

Montjuic and its gardens

Montjuic is a very particular hill close to the city centre where you can find monuments, sports centres, exhibition halls… and gardens too. For instance, the Botanic Garden of Barcelona, a good place to find Mediterranean vegetation as well as exotic plants like bonsais and tropical flora. You may also like Joan Brossa Gardens and the quaint gardens of the Castle of Montjuic.

best parks in Barcelona Spain

Tibidabo and Serra Collserola: The green lung of the city

And of course, we also have to mention the main green lung of the region: Tibidabo and the Natural Park of Serra de Collserola. It is in the higher area in the city, where you can go hiking, jogging and participate in adventure activities organized by local companies. The panoramic views from here are just amazing… and very romantic too at dusk and at sunset, even more than from other parks in Barcelona!

Best parks in Barcelona
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