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Would you like enjoying some good appetizer in Barcelona? Then, you cannot let to know one of the most traditional and popular restaurants of Condal: “La Cervecería Catalana”.

This restaurant located in Barcelona’s Eixample is always full to overflowing. What is the reason? Its varied cuisine in a traditional environment that blends the best of yesterday and the best of today with an awesome result.

La Cervecería Catalana” is all a milestone between the people of Barcelona but, also, among the tourists who have an interesting offer and a great relationship quality / price so the people of outside can discover the delicious Mediterranean gastronomy and of course the pleasure of the appetizer! (tapas!)

In the post today’s Barcelona City Tellers will discover La Cervecería Catalana, a place of reference in the city and where you will find a wide assortment of tapas and, also, delicious beer!

Appetizers (tapas) and beers in the center of Barcelona with “La cervecería Catalana”.

If there is something that abounds in “La cervecería Catalana” is, without doubt, its extensive menu of tapas and dishes where you will find the most traditional recipes (as, for example, “the angry potatoes, the bread with tomato, the Andalusian squid, etc).

Besides others delicacies more avant-garde for those who want to explore the new essences of the gastronomy and get, so, an unique experience for all the senses.

But, as its name indicates, this restaurant also has a main character: the beers! This is a traditional brewery that offers you a wide selection of beverages that can be both national or foreign as well as craft beers, this is a type of beer that is currently very popular in Barcelona which are really delicious!

Some of the succulent dishes that you will find yourself in “La cervecería Catalana“are the following:

Angry eggs:

Imitating traditional “scrambled eggs” this appetizer has a very special variant and that gives it is a unique and very tasty touch, the garlic! It is a spectacular recipe that is just for lovers who likes the flavor of the garlic.

Galician Octopus style:

Another of tapas that you cannot miss in this restaurant is Octopus, a dish that is composed of a delicious Octopus, very tender and flavorful, accompanied by a mashed potato.

Candied artichokes:

If you like artichokes then do not miss to taste this tapa from “La Cervecería Catalana” which is also very healthy. This is a recipe where the vegetable is sweeten and retains its taste more authentic and delicious!

Easy information about “La Cervecería Catalana”.

Where is it? Mallorca Route, 236 (Rambla Cataluña corner)

How to get? The easiest way is to get down on Passeig de Gràcia subway (L2, L3 or L4) or Diagonal (L3, L4) to walk during five minutes to get to the restaurant. It is five minutes’ walk from Cataluña square

How much does it cost? Depending on the dishes and drinks you ask but, in general, the average meal price is about €20 by person.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 to 1:30 h. Saturday and Sunday open at 9 o’clock

Other breweries you must to know

In addition to “la Cervecería Catalana”, You should know other breweries that are worth knowing, for this reason, right now, we will t show you one list of the best breweries in Barcelona we recommend you to visit. Get attention!

Jonny Aldana, Good beers in Barcelona.

In the l’Eixample is where we find this brewery that prides itself as one of the best in Barcelona. In addition, it offers a succulent variety of vegetarian tapas that will be ideal to accompany your fresh beer. In summer or sunny days can take tapas on the terrace and enjoy of a moment of maximum pleasure in the heart of Barcelona.

Viduca, Brewery in Sants’ Neighborhood

We continue with the best breweries in Barcelona to comment you, now, Viduca, a place located in Sants and offering very well done beers (but much!) accompanied by delicious recipes from typical Galician food.

Galicia tapas and delicious beers is what you will find, in this establishment in which you can not to pass up the opportunity to enjoy its stunning Spanish omelets, what a flavorsome!

Morro Fi, a so great and classic Brewery

One of locals which are currently more fashionable in Barcelona is the Morro Fi, a space dedicated to the world of Vermouth and beers that has become a meeting point for lovers of tapas and good beverage. This brewery of the Eixample (in the Consell Street of Cent) It offers us a wide selection of beers but, in addition, they will be accompanied with a tapas of those which are so so good.

Our advices to enjoy a good Tapas in Barcelona

As you can see, there are a variety of breweries that are ideal to accompany with delicious tapas at any time of the day in Barcelona. In the whole neighborhood you will find a local specialized in tapas, sure, you will love it ; but, also it is true, that many local are hidden and is much better to discover them with the help of experts that discover for you those small wonders gastronomic hidden by the streets of Barcelona.

For this reason, Barcelona City Tellers we recommend you that, if you want to discover the true essence of tapas in Barcelona, you make our tapas tour, a guided tour through the heart of our city and that will discover by your side the most delicious food.

The proposal that we offer to you has a route in which you will take 12 tapas and 5 beverages (which can be beer, wine or whatever you want!) in three restaurants with its own personality and a five star service. In addition, you will complete this route accompanied by an expert who will help you to discover the gastronomy of Barcelona.

La Cervecería Catalana is one of the references of Barcelona tapas restaurants but is not the only one! In Barcelona there are a wide range of beer and tapas that are worth discovering. Do it with Barcelona City Tellers and live a awesome experience!

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  1. In Barcelona, where the streets are lined with Catalan flags and billboards feature images of the original Catalan constitution, regional pride is in full swing. Microbrewing, of course, is not activism, and these brewers are hardly waging the battle for independence with each bottle sometimes a beer is just a beer but that doesn t mean developing a distinctly Catalan beer culture isn t a marketing opportunity.

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