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A motley crew of enthusiastic locals and globetrotters passionate about sharing Barcelona with you


About us City Tellers

About CityTellers

Because of our many years spent travelling around the world, we at CityTellers know what it is like to discover a new city. There are many novelties, so much to explore and it is both exciting and challenging. A friendly, knowledgeable guide is immensely helpful to any traveller and relieves many of the stresses that come with visiting a foreign country. As travellers, we want to feel welcome, we need a useful introduction and assistance in organizing our activities. For these reasons, and because of our great love for this fascinating city, we have created CityTellers – the first and only Barcelona Walking and Food Tour Company established and managed by local people.

We are part of the local community. We support Barcelona’s economy and sustainable tourism, and we are the only walking and food tour company certified by the City of Barcelona. We only work with a select group of small and locally owned business – businesses with names and faces – including food connoisseurs who use quality local and seasonal ingredients.

We are a team of multicultural individuals with in-depth knowledge of Barcelona who work together to provide superior tour experiences for our guests. All CityTellers are multilingual, have travelled extensively and lived abroad. Our team members are thus experienced tourists and tour guides. We have a profound understanding of our city as well as the needs of its visitors.

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About Our Barcelona Tours

We are a cooperative, small organization in constant pursuit of excellence. All CityTellers’ tours are well thought out, carefully planned and developed by local historians, architects and chefs. We strive to attract the best guides and we are also leaders in applying technology in all our tours including tablets and projectors.

Food is an essential part of Barcelonian culture and we work with restaurants, tapas bars and local chefs to include quality food and/or drinks in every single tour. Our Sagrada Familia Tour and the Gaudi Tour have a final stop for tapas and an aperitif at a lovely terrace. Our top food experience is the Tapas Tour Barcelona which includes 12 traditional and modern tapas and wine tasting at three different settings.

We love this city intensely and look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with visitors, new residents and friends. Profit is not our drive, our passion is Barcelona.
We are Barcelona. We are your CityTellers!

Your CityTellers, Your Guides


Originally from Barcelona, and having studied economy and political sciences, Agus spent two decades discovering the world as a management consultant, working on over 200 projects that took him to 22 countries! After his years of travel, Agus realized that he had been born and raised in his favourite city: Barcelona. So he returned to fulfil his dream and put CityTellers together. The tour company has grown but we remain an exceptional group of professionals and a company with heart. Agus is very proud to be part of our motley crew of locals and globetrotters who are passionate about sharing the beauty of Barcelona with the world.


Xavi is a native of the historical Sants neighbourhood of Barcelona and he is a specialist historian and an anthropologist. For two decades he worked in the field of international travel marketing in places all over the globe. Having a fervent interest in Barcelona’s history and legends, it was only natural that he return home and undertake, together with Agus, the adventure of creating CityTellers. The Company has been a great success and it allows Xavi to share his extensive knowledge and love for Barcelona with people from all walks of life.


Born in Germany to a Swedish family and a mechanical engineer by profession, Matthias moved to Barcelona to pursue his dream. He has always had a great passion for history and architecture and he wanted to become a professional tour guide. After sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for Barcelona with others for ten years and hosting thousands of tours, he joined CityTellers as part of the founding team. He is a man with a mission: to make people fall in love with the city, just as he did.


Originally from the city of Prague, Jana is a lover of travel and of talking. By the age of 12 she was already annoying her teachers in four different languages. Jana graduated with a degree in International Relations and travelled extensively across the US and Europe. Of all the places she visited, Barcelona was the one she came back to and she decided to make it her home. Her many years as a professional tour guide, and host to over 15.000 people on her tours, made Jana a perfect member of CityTellers’ founding team. She has a very clear objective: to make Barcelona your favourite city too.


Born and raised in Barcelona, Jaume spent much of his life in Ireland, a country he loves and which he considers his second home. He returned to Barcelona to become an English teacher and later became a professional tour guide. He is always keen to share his extensive local knowledge of Barcelona with visitors and he is the ideal guide for those who would like a truly worthwhile tour around this marvellous and exciting city.


With a passion for professional photography, Claudia left her hometown of Venice ten years ago and, after living in Seville, Dublin and Lisbon, she became fascinated by Barcelona and its cosmopolitan and vibrant spirit. She couldn’t resist moving to the city she fell in love with. Claudia has since researched the history of Barcelona thoroughly and continues to uncover its every detail. There is no better career for her than being a tour guide and showing you the beautiful places of this city. After a tour with Claudia, her enthusiasm may make you want to move to Barcelona too!


Jordi considers himself very lucky – he loves history, enjoys spending time with people and is crazy about his city Barcelona and after studying tourism, he travelled around the world and than returned home to become an official Barcelona tour guide – that is his job and his passion. This gives Jordi the opportunity to share the history, the legends and the great cultural heritage of Barcelona, which are all a part of him. Come and discover the best of the city with him.


Born and raised in Cádiz, Spain, Isabel has lived in London and is a Tourism graduate. She travelled for several years before settling in Barcelona ten years ago. Isabel has a keen interest in artistic genres and styles and loves people. She is a motivated professional in the tourism industry who will guide you through the most incredible places, uncover the surprising secrets they harbor and describe Barcelona’s fascinating legends. For Isabel, one of the best things about working at CityTellers is the contact she has with people from all over the world and the possibility of sharing her knowledge and passion for Barcelona with any travellers who arrive at the city!


Born and raised in this great city, Victor loves professional photography and filmmaking, in particular discovering filming locations around the world. He studied tourism and he relies on his visual art experience, combined with his intense love for his home city, to offer outstanding tours. Victor is an experienced guide who leaves nothing out and will show you each corner, every hidden detail and curiosity to our visitors.


Half Greek and half French, Chryssi was born in Switzerland and graduated in Visual Arts in France. She worked as an art director in New York and finally put roots down in Barcelona ten years ago. She loves travelling, meeting people from around the world and, as a guide, she combines this with her extensive knowledge of the arts to offer unforgettable tours. Chryssi is a great fun of Barcelona and the creative achievements of its people. She knows the very best way to fall in love and appreciate this city just as she does.


Viggo is of Viking and Moorish extractions but he was born and raised in Catalonia, growing up in an old fishing village near Barcelona. After completing his degrees in Business, Language and Cultural Exchange, he spent a decade discovering the world as a backpacker. Eventually, Viggo realized that his favourite city is Barcelona (a common experience it seems). As an official, licensed and local tour guide, Viggo has profound knowledge of the arts and history of Barcelona and its surrounds. After a tour with him, many travellers return home with the same conclusion: Barcelona is the best city in the world.