Famous buildings in Barcelona

Barcelona is a good example of how architecture can play an important role in modernizing a city. Fortunately there are still many famous buildings in Barcelona today.

famous buildings barcelona
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 In this post we will talk about them. If you like historic monuments and you want to visit them in person, just book a tour with CityTellers. The city centre is really compact, so you can discover a number of special buildings in a couple of hours. CityTellers will show and explain these Spanish architectural beauties in great detail!

Buildings from the Roman Era

Barcelona was founded by the Romans who gave it the name Barcino. A few buildings  dating back to that era remain including a tower which formed part of the Roman walls. You can find it at plaça dels Traginers, a small square in the city centre where you can have a drink and tapas too.

Famous buildings in Barcelona from the Medieval Era

Some of the most famous buildings in Barcelona date back to the Middle Ages. We are talking about the Cathedral, the Santa Maria del Mar Church and the Plaça del Rei. These attractions are part of our introductory tour to the city, the Gothic Quarter Tour. In the first case, the Cathedral is an impressive construction started in the last years of the 13th century while the facade dates back to 1913. The Cathedral is the heart of religious life in Barcelona.

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Plaça del Rei may be the most picturesque square in the historic centre. The chapel of Santa Agata, El Tinell, the Mirador del Rey Martin and the Palau Reial Major give this place a special appeal and you will feel like you are in a different era.

Santa Maria del Mar Church, not very far away from these places, is another important building from the Middle Ages. The Church will delight you with its beautiful stained-glass windows and pure gothic architecture.

The Modernist Era and the prolific genius of Antoni Gaudí

More recent, and perhaps even more spectacular, are the buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi. Most of Gaudí’s masterpieces in Barcelona are part of CityTellers’ Gaudí Tour. Gaudi’s genius and his whole creative spirit is expressed in constructions like Sagrada Familia, which isn’t finished yet, but it is a powerful artistic statement. You can visit this spectacular building thanks to the Sagrada Familia tour in Barcelona.

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Sagrada Familia isn’t the only building by Gaudi in Barcelona. You will be surprised by Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, both of them in the heart of Eixample borough, the most renowned area in the city. The central role of decoration and the curve lines of the facades and balconies are lovely from every single angle you see them.

Contemporary times and the rebirth after the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games in 1992 revived Barcelona city from an architectural point of view. Some of the most famous buildings in Barcelona date back to that time like Mapfre Tower and other towers of its skyline. Torre Agbar, a symbol of the new financial and technological sector, is another great skyscraper that attracts the attention of every tourist.

Famous buildings in Barcelona
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