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FAQs City Tellers

1. When do the Barcelona Tours take place?  We operate Monday to Sundays. We  are only closed on the important holidays which are September 11th, December 24-26th and January 1st. Please check the information on each tour to see which days and times the tours are offered on.

2. Do I have to book the tour in advance? Yes. To ensure you have a place and to provide you with confirmation and detailed information in advance, a booking is necessary. However, if for any reason you have not booked, you can still come to the meeting point and we will try to accommodate you if there are spots available.

3. How long are the tours?  Most of the tours are 3 hours long. The time is optimized to cover all the interesting points while keeping a relaxed pace.

4. Can I take 2 tours on the same day? Yes, of course you can! It is up to you. You can combine the Gothic Quarter Tour in the morning with the Gourmet Tapas Tour for dinner, for example. One tour in the morning and a second one later is perfect, this way you will not miss anything while you are in Barcelona.

5. Is there a limit to the number of people per tour? In order to provide the best experience and to get into unique places, the maximum number of guests is usually limited to 12 in the Gourmet Tapas Tour, and 25 people in the walking tours. If you are a group of 4 or more people, you should consider a Private Tour, completely tailored to your interests and needs. For Private Walking Tours and Private Food, Wine and Tapas Tours, please contact us at

6. When do I have to be at the meeting point? To ensure we start on time, we ask our guests to come to the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the start of the tour.

7. Where are the meeting points located? All tours (except the Sagrada Familia Tour), depart from our central meeting point at the Macia Monument on the corner of Plaça Catalunya (Catalunya Square) near Las Ramblas. It looks like an upside-down staircase and it is located on the main square, across from a modern grey building where the FNAC Mall and Café Zurich are located. The Metro stop (Line 1, Red and Line 3, Green) of Plaça Catalunya is just a few meters away. You will see the guides wearing clothes with the CityTellers’ logo and carrying orange and black umbrellas.

The Sagrada Familia Tour departs from Avinguda Gaudi No.2, (Gaudi Ave.) just in front KFC. It is across the Metro Station Sagrada Familia, exit Provença/Ave. Gaudi.

8. What happens if it rains? All Tours take place rain or shine. In case of a rainy forecast, please dress accordingly and bring an umbrella.

9. Is transport included in the cost of the tour? On a few group tours where we do use public transportation, such as on the Gaudí Tour, and the transport cost is included. Transport to the meeting point is not included. In all our Private Tours limousine transportation is included.

10. Do we enter buildings, museums, etc. during the walking tours? On the Sagrada Familia Tour, Private Tours and Food and Tapas Tours we do enter buildings. On the Gaudí Tour we do not enter any buildings to keep to the tour duration. We will ensure to provide you are provided with information so that later you may visit the sites that you prefer. The exception is the Sagrada Familia Tour where we visit the interior and provide entry tickets so that you do not have to wait in the queue.

11. How will I know if I am at the right meeting point for the tour I selected? You will see the guides wearing clothes with the CityTellers’ logo and carrying orange and black umbrellas. When you see them you will have no doubt you are in the right place.

12. Is the tour accessible to people with mobility limitations? In most cases there is no problem. The city of Barcelona has been made as accessible as possible to all. The exception to this is the Gourmet Tapas Tour because each tavern and restaurant we go to is unique and has different features. Please check the details in the description of each tour for more information.

13. What should I wear for the tour? Our tours do not require any special gear. We do recommend comfortable shoes and a smile.

14. Is there a break on the tour? All our tours are designed to be taken leisurely and do not require major effort. All walking tours end with tapas and drinks on a terrace where you can sit comfortably and relax. On the Tapas Tour you spend most of the time comfortably seated.

15. What languages are the tours offered in? CityTellers offers all its tours in English and Spanish and the Private Tours are also offered in French, Portuguese, German and Italian. Please check the tour descriptions or contact us for more information.

16. Can I cancel my reservation? Reservations cannot be cancelled, but they can easily be rescheduled as described in the next point.

17. If I have booked and paid for a tour and I cannot come, can I do it another day? Yes. Please, contact us using the email form at the end of this webpage with the booking information, date and time you were initially booked as well as the day you would like to change the tour to.

18. What if I get to the meeting point and there no one is there? That is unlikely unless you arrive very early. CityTellers guide are always at the meeting point at least 30 minutes before and after the tour. Please have a look at the meeting point details and check that it matches your location. If you are unsure please contact us using the email form at the end of this webpage.

19. Are the tours suitable for children? Of course, the tours are suitable for all ages and we will do our best to accommodate everyone. That being said, we recommend our guests with children consider what would be best for their young ones and whether or not a 2 and a half to 3 hours walking tour will be enjoyable for them.

20. Do children pay? Children who are 4 to 10 years old have a reduced fee.

22. If I liked the tour what should I do? If you enjoyed the tour, we would really appreciate your positive feedback on Tripadvisor. That helps us a lot and we are keen to hear from you again. Also, please recommend us to your friends.

23. What is the difference between the Gaudí Tour and Sagrada Familia Tour and can I do both? The Gaudí Tour covers a broader range of his masterpieces and focuses on Gaudí’s life, the period he lived in and competition with other great architects. The Sagrada Familia Tour is an in-depth exploration of this specific masterpiece. It covers the many details, stories and architectural techniques developed to make the construction of the monument possible. It also includes a ticket into La Sagrada Familia which means you won’t wait in the queues. You can definitely do both as the two tours perfectly complement each other.

24. Is the Gourmet Tapas Tour suitable for vegetarian diets? The Food and Tapas Tours are based on traditional Barcelona dishes and, as such, they are compatible with pescatarian diets but are not suitable for vegetarians.

25. What if I have a food allergy? We encourage you to inform us ahead of time of any food allergies. The Tapas Tour is suitable for dairy-free diets but unfortunately not for gluten-free diets or for those with celiac disease. If you have a different food allergy, please email us at before booking and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you still wish to join a Food Tour, we may ask you to sign a waiver.

26. How much alcohol is included in the tours, and are there alternatives? Please check the tour description for details about the number of drinks included. If you don’t drink alcohol (or are under 18) you will be served non-alcoholic beverages.

Any more questions? Please contact us!