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The Cathedral, Santa Maria del Mar and 2000 Years of History

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Gothic Quarter Barcelona Tour
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On our Gothic Quarter Barcelona Tour you have the chance to learn about the city, its history, which spans 2000 years, and the architectural treasures around its historical center. Let us introduce you to romantic knights, daring explorers, traders and artists who built our fascinating city, while learning about the Barcelonian way of life. 

Our Barcelona walking tours are a great, relaxing way to explore the city. With our Barcelona Gothic Quarter Tour, (Barri Gotic in catalan language), you will learn about the vibrant culture of the city, some of its many stories and the colourful characters behind our fascinating city. On this tour you will discover¬†Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), Barcelona Cathedral, the Roman walls, Las Ramblas, ¬†and Santa Maria del Mar among Barcelona’s other famous attractions.

After exploring Barri Gotic’s charming squares, narrow medieval alleys and classy boulevards, you can talk to our experienced guides¬†about other things to do in Barcelona during your stay.

Join us on our Barcelona Gothic Quarter Tour. It’s the ideal way to begin your stay in¬†Barcelona. We are Barcelona. We are your CityTellers!

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Operates all year round except Sept 11th, Dec 24th-26th and January 1st

The Gothic Quarter Barcelona Tour starts at 11¬†am ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Duration 2¬Ĺh

Catalunya Square (see detailed picture), corner with Portal de l’Angel 42, (in front of Mobile World Center). Look for our guides with their orange shirt. Google Maps

This tour is offered in English and Spanish


12‚ā¨ for children 4 to 10 years old.

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Places we’ll visit during our Gothic Quarter Barcelona Tour

Roman Barcelona: The Roman legacy of the city is seen all around. The Barcelona Gothic Quarter and its modern additions were built surrounding the 2000 year old Roman core, which is still visible at the heart of the city. We will visit the Roman walls, the towers of Plaça Nova, the main streets of the ancient Roman city (now Bisbe and Llibreteria streets) and the untouched Via sepulcral.

The Barcelona Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic): The largest medieval quarter in Europe, the Barri Gothic has a magnificent array of palaces and streets. Much of our Gothic Quarter Barcelona Tour takes place here.

La Plaça Sant Jaume:  This square has been the center of political power for over 2000 years. It was originally the site of the Roman forum, the central square in the Roman city, and now is home to the governments of both Barcelona and Catalonia .

Barcelona Cathedral (La Catedral de Barcelona): 160 gargoyles protect the 900 year old Cathedral which is full of treasures and has many tales to tell. La Catedral has three very different doors: Portal de Saint Iu is the oldest (1298) and is adorned with Romanesque sculptures of knights and dragons. The second door leads to the cloister and the main, most recent door was finished just in the 1880s.

Las Ramblas Barcelona:¬†¬†Ramblas in Catalonian means ‘river bed’ and this was true of the area until 1377 when medieval walls were built and the water was diverted. Las Ramblas¬†was transformed into a street which quickly became a site for markets and festivals. It stretches 1.2 km (o.75 miles) from Pla√ßa Catalunya (Catalunya Square) to the Christopher Columbus Tower¬†and the old harbour and hosts flower shops, artists and a parade of colourful and unique characters.

Santa Anna Monastery:  Built in the 1100s, this little known jewel is in a charming square in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter away from the noise and busyness of the city.

King’s Square (La Plaça del Rei): An astonishing untouched 14th century square sorrounded by the medieval Royal Palace and the Throne Room. Full of histories, it was the site where an attempt to assassinate King Ferdinand occurred, as well as the reception of Columbus after his travels to America. The headquarters of the Inquisition Tribunal were also located here.

Sant Felip Neri: A secluded and romantic square near the Jewish quarter, full of secrets and tragic tales and a favourite location of artists and filmmakers.

Jewish Quarter (El Call):  The Jewish community played an important role in medieval Barcelona and the city was home to many renowned Jews in history including cartographers, doctors and advisors. Today, the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona contains the narrowest streets, the oldest houses in the city and the oldest synagogue in Europe.

Passeig del Born: OurGothic Quarter Barcelona Tour continues on to another medieval quarter of Barcelona, el Born. There we will visit Passeig del Born, the original site of medieval jousting and tournaments from the 13th century. Now a scenic boulevard, it still has many of its original medieval features including those related to knight and cavalry combat.

Santa Maria del Mar: This basilica, that took just 60 years to build, was intended to be a place of worship for the common people while Barcelona Cathedral was reserved for the nobility. The building is nonetheless very beautifully decorated with features unique only to it. In the center of the altar, in place of a cross you will not see a cross, you will see a merchant ship and, on the main door, you can still find the figures of the dock workers who carried stone blocks on their backs to build the basilica. Santa Maria del Mar is the most beloved church in Barcelona.



Jaume took our Gothic Quarter Barcelona  tour and with his great knowledge of history and he kept the tour interesting and fun. It was great to hear some of the lesser-known historic facts about Barcelona. A great way to learn a lot in a small amount of time.

Sybille Wagner, 38Paderborn, Germany


The Barri Gotic tour is great. Jana, our tour guide, was knowledgeable, pleasant, and spoke excellent English. This is a bargain. The guides work hard to entertain and educate. Much better than some of the higher priced tours we have taken.

James DeRusso, 18 Philadelphia, NJ, USA

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Barcelona gothic quarter history

Travel through the 2000 story years of this beautiful and magical city with BarcelonaCityTellers! In the gothic quarter Barcelona tour are included the most important points of the Gothic district of Barcelona such as: –The church Santa Maria del Mar: This is a gothic church of S. XIV originally built to be the place of worship of fishermen in the area. Its situation makes it very visitable since it is in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčspecifically in the Born area. It is imperative if they like the well-known work “Cathedral of the sea” include in their Barcelona gothic quarter tour the church that inspired the author to write this work. –Santa Ana: It is a church located in the center of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äča few meters away from Plaza Catalu√Īa. –The Cathedral: This neo-Gothic style cathedral is surrounded by points of essential visit in the city. There should not be a Gothic quarter Barcelona tour that does not visit places as picturesque as it may be: Felip Neri Square (where scenes of films as well-known as “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” or “El perfume” Jewish quarter of Barcelona or the town hall square.

Gothic quarter tour Barcelona

To fully enjoy this tour is essential the accompaniment of a guide as part of the charm of these places lies in the small stories and anecdotes of the people of the city, which make the streets come alive based on them. It is also a good idea to get good recommendations for activities that interesting to do afterwards, because sometimes it is not easy to find a good place to eat, those places with little tourist influx but that are worth visiting or other things to do in gothic quarter Barcelona. It is also necessary to take into account the great tourist overcrowding suffered by areas such as the gothic quarter of Barcelona which, unfortunately, brings in many occasions the loss of quality of services in the surroundings, as well as the rise in prices associated with tourist areas in all Cities with large influx. Surely in the tourist guides the places included in this route will not be considered as the most emblematic of the city since they mostly focus on the modernist elements of the city, but if you want to live Barcelona as a native and want to share our love for all the streets of this peculiar city would do well to make a private tour around the gothic quarter of Barcelona because these streets contain most of the history of this city.

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Apart we also offer more personalized tours, apart from our private tours we also offer we also offer corporate tours for companies, groups of workers who spend their holidays in barcelona or for work group outings, so if you are interested in tours for companies, do not hesitate to ask for our corporate tours.

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Trust us to make your tour of the city, because we have guides who love this city as much as ourselves and who are able to transmit our vision and love for this city perfectly. If you want some gothic quarter tour information such as the best gothic quarter Barcelona restaurants, the best gothic quarter Barcelona hotels or the best gothic quarter barcelona bars just remember… We are your Barcelona gothic quarter tour, we are your Barcelona CityTellers!


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