Gracia 2016 Festival: Official Program

Gracia is much more than a quarter you have to cross to go from Eixample to the Güell Park. It’s one of the areas in which you can taste the real Barcelona, where squares are full of terraces with locals having drinks and tapas.

Gracia 2016 festival
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In the past, it was  farmland and now it’s home to the working class. From a touristic point of view, one of the most interesting things is the Gracia Festival. This year, the Gracia 2016 Festival will take place from August 15th to August 21st. This article is about the best activities on the official program as well as other recommended activities.

Gracia 2016: Daily program

On August 15th, the first day of the festival, the festival participants can attend the pregon, the traditional opening speech to inaugurate the festivities. The pregon will take place at the Plaza de la Vila at 11 am. From that moment the festival begins and the streets will be filled with music played on the grallas, a local instrument, games and traditional food cooked by restaurants and civic associations, especially cargoladas (mouth-watering grilled snails). 

The following morning, on August 16th, you will be amazed by castellers, traditional human towers. You will see the participants climb to the sky at 12 am in Plaza de la Vila. On August 17th, local people participate in card tournaments and a balcony contest is held for the most beautiful one in the quarter. Children will also enjoy the storytelling and games.

Thursday 18th will be a refreshing day at Gracia 2016, as a Fiesta de la espuma (Foam party) will take place in the morning in Puigmartí street. In the late afternoon, more castellers will be seen in Plaza de la Vila. The main activities finish on Friday 19th, especially with a correfoc, a kind of race with fireworks and dancing in Trilla square.

Beyond these events, people can attend several processions, like the one for Santa Agata on the first day of the festival. Tourists can also discover the dynamic, youthful spirit of the Gracia borough, expressed in its music, culture and urban art.

A good occasion to discover Barcelona

If you are in Barcelona on those days, you can’t go wrong at the Gracia 2016 Festival. However, you also don’t want to miss Barcelona’s remarkable monuments and other unique attractions. That’s why CityTellers offers the introductory tour to the city, the Gothic Quarter Tour which follow the most beautiful and historic streets. And two of the tours will be close to the Gracia quarter and its festivities. On these tours, the Gaudi Tour and Sagrada Familia Tour, we will show you the masterworks of modernism in this city. CityTellers will guide you through the city, and if you want to enjoy the food of Barcelona as we do, meet our special tapas tour in barcelona, with 12 amazing tapas and wine.

Gaudi Program 2016

The Gothic Quarter Tour, on the other hand, will take you to the oldest part of the city, with monuments from the Roman Era and others dating back to the Middle Ages like Santa Maria del Mar. Just take the advantage of CityTellers’ services and the Gracia 2016 Festival to discover Barcelona from the best points of view!

Gracia 2016 Festival: Official Program
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Gracia 2016 Festival: Official Program
This article talks about the Official Program of Gracia Festival in Barcelona.
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