La Merce 2016 Festival: Official Program

The official program for La Mercé 2016, one of the most exciting traditional festivities in Barcelona, is now available. The festivity is held every year around September 24th, the day of the Virgin of la Mercé, the patroness of the city. Discover it with us!

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The official program is packed full of activities and it’s impossible to show all the events in one short article but we offer some suggestions based on individual interests like tradition, music, gastronomy, religion, sport and art. See the complete program by following this link. And join La Mercé 2016 after having one of our unforgettable introductory tour to Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter Tour!.

La Mercé 2016 if you like… Traditional events

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and has preserved many of its traditions for posterity. Castellers, which are human towers, sardana dances, grallers instruments, correfocs fireworks and exhibitions with giants and dragons are some of these exciting traditional events in Barcelona at La Mercé.

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La Mercé festivities if you like… Music

The city hosts awesome bands coming from all corners of the world during the festival. The Australian indie rock group The Goon Sax, the Senegalese ethnic singer Baaba Maal and the English Lloyd Cole are some of these musicians. Rumba, ska, reggae, pop, disco and many other styles can be heard on the stages and in halls around the city.

Suggestions if you like… Gastronomy

If you love drinking and eating well, La Mercé 2016 is the festivity for you. This year the 36th Exhibition of Local Wines and Caves will be held, the perfect opportunity to try the best quality drinks from the region. And of course, our Tapas Tour runs regularly in which qualified guides take you to those unique places that regular tourists will never know about and which local citizens visit every day.

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La Mercé 2016 if you like… Sport

The official program is full of sport events too. The most important one takes place on September 18th: la Cursa de la Mercé, which is a 10km race open to everyone. Besides the race, the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Show Jumping will be held at the Real Club de Polo. And two more events are the Open Water Swimming Challenge at the Port of Barcelona and the Fitness Party, an event in which thousands of people exercise together.

Enjoy the festivity if you like… Art

All the cultural centres and museums display special exhibitions during the festival, but the most important event is MAC (Mercé Urban Arts) held in places like Montjuic Castle or Parc de la Ciudadela. Brilliant theatre plays for all kinds of audiences, circus and puppet shows and magicians will also perform during the festival.

La Mercé for those interested in… Religion

We mustn’t forget that La Mercé is a religious festivity and the Virgin of La Mercé is honoured on September 24th inside the Cathedral. The mass held in the Cathedral is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this Gothic temple and the sculpture of the patroness.


La Merce 2016 Festival: Official Program
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La Merce 2016 Festival: Official Program
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