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Enjoy with our Tapas Tour Barcelona an authentic quality tapas experience through the Gothic Quarter and historical Barcelona

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Gourmet Tapas Tour Barcelona
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In Barcelona, food is a passion. Locals eat, drink and celebrate like an art, passed through generations. The local traditions and the way of eating tapas can be mystifying at first, and there are places to eat everywhere. But which ones are authentic and what should we order? Join our Tapas Tour Barcelona and enjoy a memorable food and beverage experience that would be nearly impossible to discover on your own. Come, understand our eating culture and have an unforgettable stay in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Tapas Tour is a tour created local lovers of fine eating, for you, enthusiasts of good travel and good food. Our Tapas Tour Barcelona is a relaxed, laid back experience that will take you to a selected, very well regarded, group of taverns, bodegas and tapas restaurants that offer sensational traditional tapas and wines, and are well known and regarded by the local community.

The first stop takes us to a local tavern beloved by the people still living in its medieval neighborhood where we will get familiar with our culture’s approach to dining and we will start our tour with appetizers including top-grade Jamon Iberico and local drinks.

The second stop of the Tapas Tour Barcelona will take us to a top bodega, very well known by the people of Barcelona for its atmosphere, were we will continue sampling tapas, this time stronger and earthier paired with local wines and aperitifs.

Our third stop will take us to a proper gourmet tapas dinner; our Tapas Tour Barcelona has gained access to some of most wanted tapas restaurants where will sit down, relax and savor a true culinary adventure, with the best fresh foods, wine pairings and excellent company. In total 12 tapas and over 5 drinks will be served through the tour.

Book your CityTellers Barcelona Tapas Tour and experience Barcelona, like we locals, do. Explore some of the most beloved eating venues and learn Barcelona’s unique tapas culture. Join us. We are Barcelona. We are your CityTellers!

More information about what we will cover during the tour

Ronda sant pere nº11, Barcelona, Barcelona 08010 Barcelona

Operates monday to saturday all year round except Sept. 11th, Dec. 24th-26th and January 1st

Monday, Wednesday and Friday starts at 1 pm                                   Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starts at 7 pm                                 Duration 3h

Plaça Catalunya (Catalunya Square), at the Statue of Macia near La Rambla. Look for our guides with their orange-black umbrellas. View in Google Maps

Tours offered in English and Spanish

Includes 12 tapas and 5 drinks in three restaurants with guaranteed seating. If preferred you will be served non-alcoholic beverages. This tour is not suitable for vegetarians and people with food allergies


Children 4-10 years old 44€                                                                   Includes food, wine, drinks, local guide, taxes

Please reserve in advance to ensure your spot and to provide you with detailed information in advance

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Some general information regarding food in Barcelona and the Tapas Tour Barcelona

Barcelona cuisine: Food in Barcelona is determined by its Mediterranean location and has many common elements with Italian and southern French cuisine. Its main characteristics are: use of high quality, fresh ingredients; great variety of vegetables; generous use of olive, garlic and tomato; and a curious propensity to mix seafood and meat even in the same dish.

Tapas: Tapas have evolved from tiny bites served to accompany a drink eaten standing up, to a true culinary culture. First at all tapas are a way to eat, designed to favor conversation and socialization. Tapas are savory dishes served in small sizes to be shared and allow the eaters to enjoy a broad range of flavors while talking about them. A broad variety of tapas are offered in Barcelona, they can be traditional like “Gambas al Ajillo” (sautéed shrimps with garlic), regional like “Fabes a la Catalana” (fava-beans Catalan style with sausage and mint), stripped-down reduced to a minimum and on top of bread “Montaditos”, or the opposite, very sophisticated “Design Tapas” offered by the best chefs in Barcelona. Despite its type, what is most important is that should be eaten in a group allowing variety and sharing and the freshness of the ingredients.

Paella and rice dishes: rice dishes are very popular in Barcelona as high quality rice production takes place 200 km south in the Ebro river delta. All of them require fresh ingredients and are prepared to order, (better avoid frozen and pre-cooked poor imitations showed in large pictures in questionable restaurants). The most popular dish is Paella (that in Catalan language means cooking pan) that in its Barcelona form is based on a pepper, onion garlic sauce with fish stock and a mix of seafood and meat and a touch of saffron. Indeed Paella is quite a social ritual, is often eaten in large groups. Other rice dishes flavored by us locals are the wondrous Arroç Negre (Black Rice) a savory dish with calamari and cuttlefish ink and Fideuà (from fideu, noodle in Catalan language) that is similar to a paella prepared with thin capellini-like short pasta.

Barcelona as port: As a city with port Barcelona is very open to innovations and influences from other cuisines, while maintaining a fierce love for tradition. So do not be surprised to see Japanese touches in some Design Tapas or to find Catalan versions of excellent cannelloni.



We took the Gaudi Tour in the morning and to our surprise it included a stop at the end with some very good tapas and local concoctions, so we were curious about other food tours offered by CityTellers. I am happy we decided to try the Tapas Tour Barcelona that evening, it was the highest quality food we had in the whole trip to Barcelona.

Shannon O’Keefe, 26 Toronto, Canada


I can’t say enough about this wonderful Tapas Tour Barcelona. It went above and beyond all my expectations. Agusti our local guide, was just wonderful and a gracious host. The places we ate at were all so unique and delicious. Great selections and plenty of excellent quality food and wine. Thank you…

Melanie Richardson, 48 London, England

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Barcelona Tapas Tour

The Spanish tapas are an internationally known product that we can enjoy in Barcelona as in many other cities of the country but … How can we make a tapas tour in Barcelona enjoying the best of what this type of gastronomy can offer us? The first advice we would give is clear. To avoid bad experiences in this aspect we should move away from the downtown areas of the city. In many cases this becomes evident to the people of the city, when we enter a downtown bar and we are warned at the entrance that the products are of very low quality and at exorbitant prices. So to make a good tapas tour in this beautiful city should avoid areas such as the Ramblas, which despite of being an area with many historical points of interest, their premises in many cases do not have the gastronomical standards of quality to be even considered local tapas Barcelona. It is always a good idea to ask the local people about it depending on the area in which we are, since nobody is happy to see how they leave in bad place the name of their city, so no doubt receive help from people who know the surroundings, at best would be to eat with locals Barcelona. Another option is the hiring of a tourist guide expert in the matter which can offer us some possibility, normally the guide will only give us some reference relating to some area in which the restaurants are of good quality but without giving us a concrete name, from that moment on, you will have to find yourselves the best local tapas Barcelona. This is so, since the gastronomic tastes are sometimes very personal and the guides tend not to risk with a concrete recommendation that could be disappointing. Even so, it is always a good idea to ask someone who knows the idiosyncrasy of the city and knows how to move about it. Relay on them to do your Barcelona tour tapas and if you are interested in history also, relay on us and take part in our tapas & gothic quarter walking tour and enjoy the best Barcelona food wine tours.

Corporate Tours in Barcelona

In CityTellers we have a very interesting option that are our corporate tours, that is to say, in groups of business workers, both foreign and local, we offer personalized tours to spend a cultural and fun day in the city of Barcelona, ​​so if you are interested the tours for companies do not hesitate to contact us!

Tapas in Barcelona

To spend a good tapas tour in Barcelona just find the indicated place (which we have explained previously how to do) and try the appropriate tapas. Below we will describe the essential tapas so that tapas in Barcelona is the experience that we all wish it to be. It is possible to say that although it is true the concepts tapas Barcelona, ​​are not as associated as in other regions of the country is still part of the culture of the city. Essential: Patatas bravas: These are potatoes cut in a characteristic way accompanied by sauce made to taste with ingredients such as:pink sauce, pepper, spicy pepper, spinaler sauce, tabasco … there is an annual tradition in Barcelona where by the best of the City voted by the university of the city (great judges taking into account their lifestyle). It is advisable to look at the winner of the previous year to enjoy some good bravas since you can’t go around Barcelona correctly without having tried them. Relay on us for your food tour of traditional tapas bars and you will be able to taste for sure the best tapas in Barcelona and to have the best culinary experiences in Barcelona. We are your Barcelona city tellers, we are BarcelonaCityTellers!

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