Top 5 best restaurants in Barcelona according to Tripadvisor, TimeOut, and Macarfi

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Nowadays, people usually tend to read a few reviews before choosing a restaurant to go to. Websites like Tripadvisor have become so popular in cities like Barcelona that it currently has an online portal where people can consult other customers’ comments about places like restaurants, hotels, and so on.

It is easier than ever being able to know the different points of view customers may have about a specific restaurant, which means the balance will undoubtedly end up falling one way or the other depending on the reviews found on the Internet. Tripadvisor is the web of reference when it comes to users opinions but there is also another page that is a benchmark website in relation to leisure and gastronomy: TimeOut.

For this reason, in today’s Barcelona City Tellers post you will get to know the top 5 best restaurants in Barcelona according to Trip Advisor, and also the top 5 according to Time Out magazine and Macarfi. Thus, you will have the opinion of people like you, but also the guidance of experts.

The best restaurants in Barcelona according to Tripadvisor

Let’s start by seeing the best-rated restaurants in Barcelona displayed on Tripadvisor, which is a list that has gradually been formed and consists of individual assessments of each person who has visited the store. Here are the top 5 best restaurants in the city of Barcelona shown on this prestigious website.

Uma, the best restaurant in Barcelona by Tripadvisor

Chef Iker Erauzkin is in charge of managing UMA, which is considered the best restaurant in the city. This restaurant is in the right Eixample of Barcelona and offers a menu consisting of twelve succulent meals that reinvent the pleasure of cooking.

Iker is a professional chef who has a great experience in the area and the author of more than a dozen books. Such a profound knowledge has he on this subject that, besides being a chef, he also gives counseling to other city restaurants to help them conduct their businesses.

In this restaurant, you will find a magnificent offer where old recipes are recovered but this time with a breath of fresh air, innovative, with original features that will make your pleasure for gastronomy rise to the surface.

Spoonik, the second better choice in ranking by Tripadvisor

According to the list on Trip Advisor, Barcelona’s second best restaurant is Spoonik, a space located in the Sarrià neighborhood, near Putxet park, which is an oasis of pleasure and tranquility in the heart of Barcelona. This restaurant is managed by two chefs, Jon Giraldo and Jaime Lieberman, who created a cuisine based on three pillars: avant-gardism, gastronomic fusion, and exclusivity.

The result is an innovative menu where meals prepared with fierce modern techniques can be found and where gastronomic influences of Colombian or Mexican cuisine abound. Of course, each meal’s essence is Mediterranean in origin. Meals can be complemented by a wide selection of high-quality wines that will make yours a perfect experience.

Tast-Ller, a quality restaurant at Gótico

Now, let’s go to the old downtown to find the bronze one in this ranking of the best restaurants in Barcelona: Tast-Ller.

This establishment is displayed as a workshop of flavors where the cuisine can be felt always and where the experiment results are incredible meals, with delicious flavors and a very careful presentation. Mikel Peinador is the chef who will take care of making your visit to this restaurant an outstanding experience. He always uses seasonal and planted nearby products to ensure that the best flavors and the greater number of nutrients are present in each meal.

This establishment has a minimalist decoration since it is a loft that has been decorated with urban and avant-garde themes.

Santa Rita Experience

The third place in Tripadvisor’s ranking is Santa Rita Experience, a space of the chef Xavi Bonilla that displays innovative meals that surely will surprise you. It was opened in 2010 and was designed as an intimate and welcoming place so that anyone can feel at home, with a close and friendly treatment.

Xavi’s gastronomic proposal lies in taking advantage of traditional recipes, giving them a completely innovative touch and, thus, play with the mixture of textures, flavors, temperatures, and so on. In the kitchen, he only uses seasonal and planted nearby products, therefore, the menu will vary depending on the season of the year.

Con Gracia

And, lastly, according to the Tripadvisor’s ranking, another restaurant numbered among the best is Con Gracia which, as its name suggests, is located in Gracia neighborhood, one of the most modern areas in Barcelona. It has a wonderful gastronomic offer.

In this restaurant, you will find a great variety of meals influenced by different cuisines like the Mediterranean, Oriental, Mexican, among others.

The top 5 restaurants in Barcelona according to TimeOut

Now let’s get to know the ranking of the best restaurants according to TimeOut in the city of Barcelona. These establishments are highly recommended by professionals who have come in order to taste their meals and then gave their opinion to this well-known online magazine.

Thus, here are the top 5 according to TimeOut:


It’s located in the Gothic Quarter. This restaurant stands out for being one of the most representative when it comes to Catalan cuisine traditional meals. Here, you can taste an exquisite “alioli” as well as other specialties “made in Catalonia” that you will love.

Cal Boter

Another of the best Catalan cuisine restaurants can be found in Gracia. Cal Boter is a place where new cooking techniques are constantly being explored to get amazingly good meals which are made with seasonal products.

Can Culleretes

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona and Spain. Here, you will find a wide range of Mediterranean origin meals cooked in traditional ways.


Another of the best restaurants in Barcelona according to TimeOut is Leku, an establishment where you can find the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine with a unique touch such as its cod au gratin with aioli or the traditional catalan escalivada.

Freixa Tradició

Lastly, another of the best places to enjoy a good meal in Barcelona is this restaurant, led by Josep Maria Freixa, where you can find the most traditional meals of the Catalan cuisine, which are cooked in a surprisingly and delicious manner that you will surely love.

The best restaurants in Barcelona according to Macarfi

And, finally, let’s take you to the ranking of the best restaurants in Barcelona according to Macarfi, a benchmark in the gastronomic sector which prides itself on international renowned chefs working there.

Here are the top 5 restaurants that, according to this guide, shouldn’t be missed:

Via Veneto

In this restaurant, you will find a warm atmosphere that is ideal for romantic or intimate evenings. Here, you can select renowned author’s meals in which creativity rules and the most traditional recipes are presented with new flavors and trends.

ABaC Restaurant & Hotel

In the neighborhood of Sarrià, you will find this restaurant ranked among the best according to Macarfi. It is in this establishment where the renowned Catalan chef Jordi Cruz works, which means that you will receive a world-class attention, surprisingly good meals using the best from-the-garden-to-your-kitchen ingredients. One of the best things of this restaurant is that it has two Michelin stars.


According to Macarfi, another of the best restaurants in the city is Enjoy. It is located in the Left Eixample and has a twin brother in Cadaqués (whose name is Compartir). It is conducted by chefs who previously worked at the Bulli, all of whom are currently focused on offering an innovative, avant-garde and surprisingly good meal.

Koy Shunka

Lovers of Japanese food will find in this place another of the best restaurants according to Macarfi. Located in the Gothic Quarter, Koy Shunka has become one of the best Japanese restaurants in Europe. Its proposal is inspired by traditional Japanese food, in this case with Mediterranean touches added which, once combined, turns into unique and delicious meals.

Advice for enjoying the best food in Barcelona

As you can see, the city of Barcelona has a wide range of gastronomic possibilities focused on offering more avant-garde experiences, some experiences a little bit more traditional, and some others including great luxury for the senses. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose one or more of restaurants from among the ones explained in this article.

However, in Barcelona City Tellers we want you to discover the authentic Catalan gastronomy with an expert, that’s why we offer you the Tapas Tour, a guided tour through three emblematic bars and restaurants in Barcelona that will show you the best of our food which can be enjoyed also with some of the best wines of the region. A tour especially designed for you to get to know the real Barcelona gourmet and get to know one of its most typical meals: tapas.

Enjoy all the flavors of Barcelona and marvel with all the contrasts found in our beloved city.

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Top 5 best restaurants in Barcelona according to Tripadvisor, TimeOut, and Macarfi
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