We are Barcelona Tours. We are your CityTellers!

Have a memorable visit to Barcelona. Enjoy the most authentic Barcelona tours.

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The first and only walking, food and wine tour company originally from Barcelona.

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All Barcelona tours developed by local architects, chefs, guides and historians.

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Enjoy the city as locals do with traditional tapas and drinks on all Barcelona tours.

We Combine our Local Origin with True International Sensibility

“We have all travelled around, and we know what it is like to discover a new city - the novelty, the exploration-. How important it is to have a good introduction, a friendly guide to set us in the right direction.
For this reason, we have created CityTellers.”

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About Our Barcelona Tours

About Our Barcelona Tours

The Real Deal: The Best Barcelona Tours Developed by Experts

We are the only Barcelona walking tour company originaly from the city, and we combine our local origin with a global, multicultural team to offer you the best Barcelona Tours and experiences. To do so we have the top guides, our Barcelona tours have been developed by local historians, architects and chefs, and we always include a food and beverage element in our tours, as we locals do when walking around Barcelona. We are Barcelona tours. We are your CityTellers!

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