CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​the museum of science

Cosmocaixa Museum Of Science Barcelona
CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​the museum of science
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One of the best museums in Barcelona to go with your children is the CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​a museum of science managed by the Social Work “La Caixa”. It has been in the city of Barcelona since 2004.

This museum occupies what was formerly the interactive museum of science in the city of Barcelona. Since 2004, La Caixa is in charge of managing this place in which our planet earth is explored from the inside but also from the outside.

In today’s Barcelona City Tellers post we want to show you the CosmoCaixa, the Science Museum of Barcelona, where you can take an interesting tour throughout the universe accompanied by your whole family.

What you can do in Cosmocaixa

As we have already stated, this place is dedicated to the study and discovery of our planet Earth. Therefore, in this impressive 9-floor building you will find spaces dedicated to the observation of the universe that includes a planetarium of the latest technology. You will also find a place to discover the origins of the Earth thanks to a geological wall and, of course, you can see the ecosystems of our planet in the Flooded Forest. It also has an attraction called “Toca-Toca”.

As you can see, the CosmoCaixa is a museum that is designed so that both children and parents discover together what our planet is made of, learn to value nature, and begin to create an ecological conscience to preserve and respect our universe.

The Sala de la Materia is one of the exhibitions that can be seen permanently in this museum. It is located in a room of more than 3000 square meters and in it, a journey can be made throughout time to see the route that the matter has taken from the Big Bang until our days.

The Flooded Forest, one of the main attractions of CosmoCaixa

When you enter this museum in Barcelona, you will find a forest that seems to be taken from the very Amazon jungle. It is called the “Bosc Inundat” (flooded forest) where you can find a wide variety of flora and fauna from around the world.

So that you always know what you are seeing, you will see different posters with clues and annotations, as a game like activity, so that the little ones awaken their interest and curiosity for nature. In illustrations and manuscripts, you will see explanations about ecology so that you know better the world in which you live and the great biological variety thereof.

Additionally, in this facility you can also go underground and see areas that pretend to be flooded like during rain season; To make this effect more realistic, every 15 minutes it will start to rain in this space as a way to preserve and maintain this little piece of the Amazon in Barcelona.

Some of the animals you can see in the Flooded Forest are boas, caimans, birds, capybaras and a variety of plants of all shapes and colors that are typical of these forests.

The geological wall of CosmoCaixa

Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of CosmoCaixa Barcelona is the geological wall, which is a rock of more than 90 tons that represents the structure of our earth.

Also, this wall is designed with a structure that allows visitors to witness the geological processes that occur on our planet, such as erosion, sedimentation, faults, volcanoes, and so on.

The planetarium of CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Among the facilities of CosmoCaixa, the planetarium is one of the most popular among the young and old! It is a digital planetarium, equipped with the latest 3D technology that will allow you to discover the universe thanks to the multiple projections that are made in the room.

Some of the projections you can see in the planetarium are:

  • Discover the most distant universe
  • The dream of flying
  • Is anyone there?
  • Dark universe
  • Etc

Some of these projections are changing throughout the year in order to promote new knowledge about science and the universe.

CosmoCaixa’s Toca-Toca

If you want to go to a museum with children, then the CosmoCaixa is one of the best options. Not only because it is conceived as a place suitable for children, with didactic explanations and very affordable facilities, but also because it has the Toca-Toca, an attraction that will provide a great time for children while discovering all the wonders of our planet.

In this space, you can see how all plants and animals in some areas of the world are, and you can also touch them! Frogs, boas, starfishes, among many other animals, are the ones that you will find in this space, allowing you to contemplate of the great biological variety that exists on Earth.

Practical information

If you plan to visit CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​here is some valuable information that you can organize your visit as soon as possible.

Schedule in CosmoCaixa Barcelona

The general schedule of CosmoCaixa is from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. In general, it’s closed on Mondays, except if it’s a holiday, like during summer and Christmas time.
It’s closed on December 25th and January 6th and there are special opening hours on December 24th and 31st, closing at 6:00 p.m.

How to get to CosmoCaixa

This Science Museum of Barcelona is located at Isaac Newton Street, 26, next to Tibidabo Mountain.Plenty of people wonders how to get to CosmoCaixa.

The best route is to take the train (FGC) from Plaza Cataluña and get off at Avenida Tibidabo; from there, you must walk about 10 minutes to get to the museum.

If you want to save the train trip, there is a bus route that is on the same Av. Tibidabo, close to the exit of the train, that takes you to the very door of the museum. It’s route 196.

Our tips for enjoying CosmoCaixa Barcelona

In Barcelona City Tellers we want you to enjoy the most of your visit to this museum in Barcelona, ​​so let’s give you some tips so you can take advantage of it:

  • If you want to live the most CosmoCaixa experience try to go one afternoon during the week because it is the least influx of people you will find in the museum and, therefore, when you can do and see more things without having to queue.
  • Saturdays and Sundays are quite full although, yes, if you go late in the afternoon or early in the day you can enjoy less people.
  • You can not miss the CosmoCaixa planetarium because it is a state-of-the-art facility that will allow you to discover the immensity of our universe and, moreover, with very didactic and entertaining projections.
  • You can not miss the Flooded Forest, just to see the capybara is already worth it!

Live a unique experience with your family discovering one of the most impressive and didactic museums in Barcelona: the CosmoCaixa.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​the museum of science
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CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​the museum of science
This article talks about CosmoCaixa, it is the museum of the science in Barcelona.
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