Costa Brava Natural Parks: Pure Nature!

Costa Brava pure nature
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One of the natural wonders we have in Cataluña is La Costa Brava. This is an area located in the province of Girona, comprised by Baix Empordà i l’Alt Empordà counties, next to the Mediterranean Sea.

There are many beaches spread over the region, as well as beautiful bays and amazing cliffs, also there are a relevant number of natural parks. Those are genuine natural oases with a wide variety of typically Mediterranean flora and fauna.

In our daily post, Barcelona City Tellers, we are going to show you Costa Brava Natural Parks, because you need to get know about what is impossible to miss during your tourist life.

Parks full of the wildest nature and pure to discover the whole plenty landscape that in Cataluña we have.

Cap de Creus

Among the best Costa Brava parks we highlight el Cap de Creus – in fact – is one of the most international parks, because Chef chef Ferrán Adrià along with El Bulli created his new art and gastronomy concept. The park is located at the north part of Roses city, in the gulf itself, and it is the first maritime park on land of the country.

In Cap de Creus you will find find an amazing landscape that very high cliffs, incredible stones, strongly deep blue waters and grasslands with woods inside there. Mountain and sea are uniquely brought together combined in a hundred percent protected environment.

However, its bays attract the most visitors, among all attractions offered by Cap de Creus. The only way to go to many of these small beaches is by sea, that´s why they allow you to enjoy a lonely time in a magnificence ambiance.

Also, thanks its waters purity and depth, It is one of the best places to practice scuba-diving all over Spain.

Aiguamolls de l’Empordà

Other option among Costa Brava best parks is well-known by the name of “Aiguamolls de l’Empordà”. It is locatedbetween Sant Pere Pescador, Empuriabrava and Castelló d’Empúries. Here are a wide variety of flora and fauna and – in fact – is the second most important natural park of Cataluña due to the wide range of natural species.

This park is comprised by three protected areas, such as: la illa de Caramany, les Llaunes y els Estanys (los estanques). The whole park has an extended area with over 4,500 hectares, where live plants species as tall aquatic plants or tamariks (a brush that lives on brackish fields).

Regarding to fauna, in the park of Costa Brava we can find different turtle species, amphibious, fishes, and mammals as bunnies, moles and fallow deer.

Garrotxa Volcanoes

Now, we go on this Costa Brava natural zones trip to meet one of the most important protected parks in the Girona province: natural park Zona Volcanica from la Garrotxa.

It is a space with plenty old volcanoes that used to be in the region, and now are dormant volcanoes. Volcanoes presence has modified view of the area and show a red and brown tone, with dry land vegetation and picture-postcard arid-landscapes.

Also, in this park of Costa Brava, you will find one of the most protected zones, which is Fageda d’en Jordà. This is a beech trees forest perfectly maintained, which offers different trekking routes to enjoy amazing landscapes and nature on its purest form.

On this volcano zone you can perform many activities to visit every volcano, trough trekking expeditions, BTT, Segway or guided expeditions by naturalists experts highly familiarized with the area.

In case you prefer, walking is the best idea to get in touch with all kind of the park landscapes, because it consists with 28 trekking routes that cross the most interesting and amazing areas. Also, every route is correctly signed to easily follow without scares of get lost.

Illes Medes

Finally, you can´t miss another park in La Costa Brava, the Illes Mendes located a mile long from L´Estartit. This is an archipelago within the natural park Montgri and formed by 7 islands occupying 23 hectares.

The current zone relevance consists of being a flora and fauna reserve most important in the Western-Mediterranean Sea. Its location makes it able to practice several activities such as: snorkel, scuba-diving, kayak, etcetera.

This is a zone protected to preserve region natural life – this task has extended 20 years long – and thanks this, it has been possible create for sea flora and fauna a perfect place to live in freedom.

One of the most popular activities to discover the Illes Medes deep world is taking a ride in a crystal floor boat. It is a common option among families with little children that want to enjoy the natural beauty and a funny-nice trip.

Advices to Enjoy Parks in La Costa Brava

As it is perceived, there are plenty options to enjoy natural life in La Costa Brava: there are the most arid parks, others seas and mountainous.

Depending on the park you want to visit, you should take into account a list of advices.

If you want to visit Cap de Creus

You have think about this is one of the most touristic zones in La Costa Brava. So, if you want to fully enjoy the landscape and paradise beaches, you should go off season. The best time is when June begins or September ends, you won´t have to worry about people.

If you want to visit La Garrotxa Volcanoes

You should go over fall or spring. Because these are the best seasons offered by nature, showing its magnificence along with different color tones, and altogether assure you to have an incredible visit.

Also, you may make the most of your visit and don´t miss La Fageda d’en Jordà. This is a park derived from a fairy tale and time seems to have stopped.

If you want to visit las Illes Medes

Les Illes Medes is one of the most amazing natural parks outside and inside as well. So, if you like water, you shouldn’t take your snorkel glasses on or scuba diving outfit, because it worth it.

And If you want to swim with no tourist around, you must go in the first days of June or at the end of September, it will be all yours.
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