‘La castanyada’ in Barcelona

If you are going to visit Barcelona during the last days of October and the first ones of November, you are in luck. Over this period you will discover one of the most interesting traditions of the city… and one of the tastiest!

la castanyada in barcelona
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We mean La Castanyada, which is held every year on November 1st and it is usually inserted into the program of Autumn festivities. Let CityTellers tell you more about it and help you experience it in first person through our introductory tour to Barcelona Gothic Quarter Tour around the city centre!

What’s La Castanyada in Barcelona?

The English translation for castanya is ‘chestnut’. So, La Castanyada is a social lunch made of chestnuts in which the members of a family or a group of friends meet up to eat this Fall season food. But, as you will see, people visiting Barcelona will be able to eat chestnuts too, as many castanyeras or chestnut-sellers offer them for sale. The right way to eat them is toasted on a particular grill.

November 1st is, like in many other countries, All Saints’ Day. The tradition in Barcelona and Spain is to visit cemeteries to pay respects to family members and friends who have passed on, especially by leaving flowers at their graves. In Barcelona and its country, Catalonia, the tradition of Tots Sants (the Catalonian name) is also observed by sitting down around a table and speaking about the deceased family members and friends, remembering them and eating the typical fruits of Fall. And one of these is the chestnut.

Other delicacies on November 1st

As you will see, the street peddlers also offer other toasted products. One of them is moniato, which is a sweet potato. Locally people eat sweet potato at Fall, but it be found all year long and cooked in many other ways like fried or roasted, not only toasted.

la castanyada in barcelona moniato

The other great delicacy of Autumn in Barcelona is panellets, one of the most traditional desserts in the city. These are small round-shaped balls made of marzipan, which is a paste cooked with two main ingredients: almonds and sugar. The most popular panellet is the one covered in pine nuts. And according to tradition they are eaten along with a special local wine: moscatel, which is a young and sweet wine that suits them perfectly. If you want to find these panellets, just visit the local cake shops. In their display cases you will see plenty of them, ready to be eaten by curious gourmands like you.

la castanyada in barcelona panellets

And of course, after chestnuts, panellets and moniatos, you can also book our Tapas Tour Barcelona. On November 1st or at any other time! In fact, you will get to try many other local products and dishes, in very good company and in bars and restaurants not visited by tourists but by Barcelonans. Don’t just visit the monuments, take the opportunity to experience Barcelona like a local inhabitant at La Castanyada!

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'La castanyada' in Barcelona
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