Parking in Barcelona: everything you need to know!

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Do you usually drive in Barcelona? Then, the information that we will share in this post is right for you. Parking in Barcelona isn’t always that easy, in fact, during weekdays it’s often quite difficult to find a parking space in commercial or downtown areas, and even worse, if you want to park for free. However, difficult as it is, it is not impossible!
In today’s Barcelona City Tellers post we are going to share with you everything you need to know to park in Barcelona and, thus, being able to move with your car calmly throughout the city, being aware of the paid and free options available for parking. Pay close attention to this information because it will be in your best interested!

Parking in Barcelona is FREE!

Is it possible to park in Barcelona for free? Of course! Although truth be told, this type of parking is subject to several premises that are worth knowing. Now, we will provide you with a list of all the possible free parking spaces that can be found in the city so you can know and, thus, leave your car in the street without having to pay a cent.

Parking for free in the blue or green zones

In Barcelona, these are the usually paid areas but, despite this, you can park free of charge sticking to a specific schedule. You must know that the green area is free from 8 pm until 8 am on the following day, like in the blue zone. However, the latter one can be used for free at noon and, therefore, in most cases, you can park for free from 2 pm to 4 pm in this area.
Additionally, during weekends you can leave your car parked on the street without having to pay a single a euro in the green zone as well as in the blue zone. Normally, this park-for-free time starts counting on Friday at 8 pm until Monday at 8 am.
Nevertheless, to avoid unwanted fines, it’s recommended to always check the sign present in each parking area since it is possible that, depending on the area of Barcelona in which you are located, the timetables may vary. This occurs mainly in the city downtown, in main commercial streets, or in the parking lots located on the beach.

Parking for free in the loading and unloading area

You can also park for free in Barcelona if you leave your car in areas enabled for loading and unloading. The schedules to do so are the same as those of the green or blue zones, that is, from Monday to Friday from 8 pm to 8 am, and all day during weekends.
However, it is important that in these cases you check the corresponding sign because it is an area enabled for commercial purposes, then it is probable that on Saturdays it cannot be parked there. Be careful with this matter because if your car is wrongly parked in this area, you will not be given a ticket but a crane will take your car away.

Parking for free in the bus lane

From the Barcelona City Hall, it’s been issued improvements for solving the city parking problems. One of these improvements refers to turning neighborhood bus lanes into free parking lots during weekends, usually on a schedule that runs from 8 pm on Friday to 7 am the following Monday.
Typically, these bus lanes enabled as parking areas are usually located on streets with little traffic and in specific neighborhoods, i.e. in Barcelona downtown, you will hardly find this type of parking.

Anyway, it is recommended that before leaving your car in a bus lane, you check the sign placed there to make sure you are complying with the city regulations if not, a crane will take your car away.

Parking in the blue or the green zones in Barcelona

If it’s the case that you need to drive in Barcelona during working hours, you should know that you will find two clearly defined parking areas: the blue zone and the green zone. The first one abounds in the city downtown and in commercial areas because it is a parking place designed for going shopping and for parking only for a limited time.

However, the green area is designed to facilitate the parking process to neighborhood residents and, therefore, you can only park there for a maximum of 2 hours. In addition, its price is much higher than in the blue zone because, as we have previously said, the purpose of these places is that neighbors can park their car easily.

Our tips for parking in Barcelona without paying

As you can see, for parking in Barcelona there are 3 types of official places: the blue zone, the green zone, and the loading and unloading area. All of them are exempt from payment if you make use of them in nonworking time, however, if you come to Barcelona for work reasons you probably must park your car on the street and for that you need information so you can avoid overpaying.
From Barcelona City Tellers, we want to inform you that there are some areas of Barcelona that are well connected with public transport and in which you can park your car without having to pay a single euro. These areas are located in Montjuïc, in Poblenou, and in the University Zone.
There, you will find white parking areas, that is, areas where you do not have to pay for parking the car, so you can leave it as long as you want without worrying about it anymore. It is good to know that you can park in Barcelona without having to pay. Besides, you can easily move around the city because these neighborhoods are well communicated with metros and buses.
Another good area for parking your car is at parking lots located in malls, such as La Maquinista, Las Arenas, Heron City, etc. In La Maquinista you can leave your car all day without paying a single penny, instead, in the others malls you will get a discount of 2 or 3 hours free if you buy something in the mall (a coffee, buy a gift, etc). This last option is suitable in case you have to do a quick process and want to save the parking fee.

As you can see, parking in Barcelona is not so complicated. You just needed to know these tricks that will help you save as much money as possible.

Parking in Barcelona: everything you need to know!
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Parking in Barcelona: everything you need to know!
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