Sagrada Familia Tour

The Entrancing Masterpiece in Depth

Our Sagrada Familia Tour is done at a relaxed pace with our guests skipping the lines to visit the interior and ending with traditional tapas on a charming terrace facing Gaudi's Cathedral
Sagrada Familia Tour
Sagrada Familia Tour
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The¬†Sagrada Familia Tour¬†covers the captivating history, secret symbols and architectural innovations behind Gaudi’s epic masterpiece.¬†¬†Your experienced guide will obtain tickets¬†for your¬†Sagrada Familia Tour so that you do no wait in the queue.¬†We provide you with in-depth¬†information to ensure you truly enjoy the unique spaces and magical atmosphere of La Sagrada Familia. At the end of your tour, we will enjoy a tapas and drinks break on a coveted terrace¬†facing Gaudi‚Äôs Cathedral. You will have additional opportunity¬†to speak to the CityTellers guide and ask questions. Your knowledgeable guide will be pleased to provide information on what else to do in Barcelona according to your interests.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia is an unfinished but already magnificent temple that will take a total of 144 years to complete because of its unprecedented, complex design, the attention to detail and its colossal proportions. It was¬†Gaudi‚Äôs obsession and remains the icon of our city in which symbolism, spirituality and nature converge in a powerful¬†way. It¬†is bursting with symbols and the unique interior¬†spaces generate multifaceted sensations. Inside the Cathedral, just the effects of light alone deserve an informed observation and there is also a museum built from Gaudi’s workshop which is explored in the Sagrada Familia Tour. Our professional guides know these aspects intimately plus much more about La Sagrada Familia.

Explore Barcelona’s¬†monument in depth and in a fun, stress-free way. Come with us. We are Barcelona. We are your CityTellers!

More information about what we will cover during the Sagrada Familia Tour

Ronda sant pere n¬ļ11, Barcelona, Barcelona 08010 Barcelona

Operates all year round on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, except Sept 11th, Dec 24th-26th and January 1st

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting at 3 pm                                   Duration 3h

Avinguda Gaudi No.2, just in front of KFC and across from the metro station Sagrada Familia, exit Proven√ßa/Ave. Gaud√≠. You will see our¬†guides with the¬†CityTellers’ orange and black umbrellas. View in Google Maps

This tour is offered in English and Spanish

The tour includes 5 authentic tapas and 2 quality drinks with guaranteed seating on a terrace overlooking La Sagrada Familia


38‚ā¨ children 4 to 10 years old ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Includes La Sagrada Familia entry tickets (worth 15‚ā¨), tapas, drinks (worth 25‚ā¨) plus your guide and taxes

Please reserve your tour in advance to ensure you have a spot and for us to provide you with confirmation and detailed information in advance.

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What we will cover during the Sagrada Familia Tour

During the tour we will cover the complex history of the basilica, Gaudi’s life, his personality and commitment towards his main project as well as details about the three monumental façades, the entrancing interior, (which requires a ticket to enter), plus Gaudí’s workshop which has been transformed into a museum. Special attention is devoted to Gaudi’s architectural innovations and his use of complex shapes, light and symbolism.

Historical background: La Sagrada Familia’s construction will take 144 years (1882 to 2026) by the time it is completed. The site was a waste ground away from the city when building started. One reason for the lengthy period is that construction is financed by individuals only (through donations and entry fees). Public institutions and the government do not contribute to it. When finished, with its 172 meters, it will be the highest building in Barcelona at 172m.

Gaudi’s obsession:  La Sagrada Familia was Gaudi’s fixation. He worked on it for 43 years, lived for 15 years in the church in what is now the museum and he is even buried in its crypt. Gaudi was meticulous about the design that he did not use drawings but only three-dimensional models with cables and weights.

Symbolism: La Sagrada Familia is full of symbolism related to both Christianity and nature. Symbols are integral to the sculptures of the three monumental façades and also define the very structure of the church. For example, its 18 towers each represent holy characters (the evangelists, apostles and the Virgin Mary) and are organized to emphasize and increase the verticality of the central tower dedicated to Christ. Gaudi also wanted to create spaces of introspection which are respectful to all religions and, for that reason, he used natural elements for places such as the forest-like interior and cave-like side chapels.

Use of complex shapes: As you move through the temple, the interior surfaces and columns are ever changing, complex and none are flat. Abstract shapes combine with curvaceous geometries inspired by nature like the helicoidal columns twisting in different directions and providing the feeling of organic movement.

Special effects¬†of light:¬†As with all works by Gaudi, light plays an important role (another good example of this is Casa Batllo), La Sagrada Familia’s¬†interior has a sophisticated system of skylights, stained glass windows and reflective tiles which provide ever-changing light effects (blue in the morning and red in the afternoon). This accentuates the sense of space while generating a feeling of introspection that may trigger deep emotional responses.

Architectural innovations: To be able to develop such a complex structure with its unique shapes, Gaudi developed revolutionary architectural ideas such as leaning columns that branch out like trees to create a stone forest which provides support for the large vault. Indeed, La Sagrada Familia is still one of the largest construction methods testing site in the world.

Tapas and aperitif:  After this enlightening exploration of the monument, our Sagrada Familia Tour finishes on a lovely terrace in front of the basilica where we will enjoy a relaxing break for traditional tapas and aperitifs.



This is a must, must-see. Fabulous and more fabulous. For once I took a guided tour, and the Sagrada Familia Tour was so worth it, no lines and the guide Viggo gives a perspective and an insight into the symbolism that Gaudi incorporated into the design of the Sagrada Familia church. This tour also includes tapas in a gorgeous terrace nearby, with the guide giving you tips about the city. Great deal!

Jaime López Amador, 36 Ciudad de México, México


Unspeakable beauty from outside and inside. It gives a new definition for ‘spectacular’. A creation of a real genius. Advisable: to avoid lines and understand it better get a quality tour, our Sagrada Familia tour was spectacular just the explanation about the game of colors created by stained glasses was worth it. You simply have to see it.

Wojtek Malinowsky,37, Krakow, Poland

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Barcelona Sagrada Familia visits

Performing good Sagrada Familia visits can be, without any prior advice a half-hearted experience. In this small post we will try to help the first-timers in the city or the basilicaso that their access and visit to it is totally to their liking. It is essential to have a guide to fully enjoy the guided tours Sagrada Familia Barcelona since without the presence of a guide much of the symbolism of the artist present in all points of the basilica both in the form of sculptures and colors is not possible to understand the real magnitude of Gaudis work. It is also recommended for our guide to be native or at least have resided in the city for enough time to be part of it, know its idiosyncrasy and move around sagrada familia structure.

Visiting Sagrada Familia Barcelona

It is interesting also, if you plan to visit Sagrada Familia, to ask after the guided tour to the guide in charge of the route for some restaurants near sagrada familia suitable for drinking in front of the basilica enjoying the views and the weather on a good terrace facing the towers. We must also warn that making these visits without being programmed in advance is somewhat tedious as the queue to enter can be extremely long.

Sagrada Familia visit without queues

In order to avoid the queue discussed above, it becomes necessary to carry out Sagrada Familia guided tours since the official guide to which the service is requested will have a program for the booking and acquisition of tickets, with this form of acquisition we avoid unnecessary waits in the access and enjoy much more of our visit. Visits to Barcelona Sagrada Familia can be done daily between 9:00 and 18:00 in winter and 9:00 a 20:00 in summer. It is preferable to visit it during the day as we can appreciate much better the colorful games generated by the windows of the basilica to understand the whole symbolic set of the building.

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One of the most innovative options that we offer in our tours, are the tours for companies, we offer tours for groups of workers, both local and foreign, any company that wants to offer a playful exit to its workers can count on our corporate tours, if You want more information about tours for companies do not hesitate to contact us, we are your CityTellers!

Sagrada Familia Visit Tickets

In case of wanting a visit without guide you will have to make in many cases the aforementioned waiting for the purchase of sagrada familia Barcelona tickets that takes place in the box office of the basilica itself. However as we have discussed the time invested in the previous planning has its benefits if we take into account that in that waiting for access we could be enjoying our vacation in some other part of the city or in the terraces also discussed above. Do not forget to visit the rest of the architects buildings as they create an architectural collage that will not leave you indifferent. If you like, you will always have after this visit a small space reserved for the magical city of Barcelona. Relay on us to get your sagrada familia tickets in advance and to get your guide sagrada familia to fully enjoy the sagrada familia history. Come with us to visit la sagrada familia and remember… We are your citytellers in Barcelona , we are BarcelonaCityTellers!

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