Souvenirs from Barcelona to bring back home

For sure, when you return home, your family and friends won’t only want to hear stories about your travels, they also expect you to bring them some souvenirs from Barcelona!

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You will find tons of things to choose from! In this article, CityTellers gives suggestions for everyone. There are many options for you to consider!

Catalonian drinks: Elegant and affordable

There is no doubt that Catalonia is one of the best places in Spain to sample and buy alcoholic beverages. In fact, this is the home of cava, which is a sparkling wine drunk by local people in special toasts, like birthdays, family dinners and at New Year’s Eve. It’s the Catalan version of champagne! Although prices are more affordable than champagne (from €5), you will also find bottles over €100!

barcelona souvenir cava

White wines are also a great option to take home and there are many popular varieties in various territories like the Penedès region. These wines are really top quality. If you return home by car or train, you won’t have problems carrying the bottles. On the other hand, if you are flying, you will find these drinks at the airport.

Tapas Coasters: Luggage-friendly souvenirs

If you have chosen some drinks as a gifts to bring back home, you can also add another thing: a tapas coaster made from card, leather or other materials. Some coasters are great decor pieces and the designs are often unique to Barcelona but, it will be even more special if you book a Tapas Tour Barcelona with us. The coasters will also remind you of us when you come back home!

Gastronomy of Catalonia: The finest quality meats to take with you

In Catalonia they produce really good food too, especially meat. In fact, one of the souvenirs from Barcelona that we recommend is botifarra, a delicious sausage served with many local dishes. In fact, for many local festivities like La Mercé, barcelonans organize botifarradas, which are street barbecues in which botifarra is grilled and served in rolls like a hotdog.

barcelona souvenir botifarra

Ceramic trencadis: Take Gaudi home with you

If you book a Gaudi Tour Barcelona with us, you will discover Barcelonan ceramics which are unique in the world. Trencadis are colourful compositions made of irregular ceramic pieces in the Gaudi style. Modernist buildings are adorned with trencadis and you can also find hundreds of small figurines, crockery and other items in the same style which are light and make excellent gifts.

If you like literature: The Cathedral of the Sea

You may have friends or family who are not found popular souvenirs. So, you need to surprise them with a special cultural product. What about a novel set in Barcelona during the Middle Ages and the construction of Santa Maria del Mar, one of the amazing churches you will discover in our Barcelona Walking Tours? In that case, The Cathedral of the Sea will be the perfect souvenir from Barcelona. There are many other books available including tapas and local cuisine recipe books for those who love to cook and works about Barcelonan artists for art lovers and plenty more.

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Souvenirs from Barcelona to bring back home
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